Lesson Sixty Seven: Obedience Is Less Costly

Imam Al-Kadhim (a.s.) said:

إيّاكَ أنْ تَمْنَعَ فى طاعَةِ اللّه فَتُنْفِقَ مِثْلَيهِ فى مَعْصِيَةِ اللّه


Do not refrain from spending your wealth in obedience to God. Disobedience and sin will cost you twice as much.1

Brief Description

There are some people who are stingy in paying, for example, for good hygiene, and they end up paying much more for treatment of the diseases they could have prevented with good hygiene.

It is a general rule that when a man refrains to spend on things that are essential to proper living, he would have to bear more costs on remedial actions and damage control .

Those who save expenses or time on training their children, will incur onerous costs on consequences such as the child’s drug addictions or criminal acts . And those who refrain to pay for fulfilling requirements of society’s deprived people, will pay the costs, sometimes several times higher, for dealing with the resulting turmoil .

  • 1. Tuhaful Uqul, page 305