Chapter 19: The Adab of giving Charity

1. In al-Mahasin: In the advice of the Holy Prophet (S) to ‘Ali (as) - until where he said: “ ...And sixth, follow my sunnah with regards to prayer, fasting and giving charity ... As for charity, be persistent in giving it until you say to yourself: ‘I have been extravagant’.”1

2. In al-Kafi: Narrated from Zayd al-Shahham from Abi ‘Abdillah (as) who said: The Holy Prophet (S) never turned away a beggar – ever. If he had something he would give it (away) otherwise he would say: “May Allah bring it (to you).”2

Note: This has been narrated in numerous books of both the Shi’ah and ‘ammah.3 Some similar narrations have been mentioned in section two of this book.

3. From Sayyid Ibn Tawus in al-Muhaj in a hadith where he, meaning al-Sadiq (as), said: “We, the Ahl al-Bayt, do not take back anything that we have given in way of Allah.”4

Addendum to this Chapter

1. In al-Makarim: From Abi ‘Abdillah (as) who said: The Holy Prophet (S) said: “I will never leave (three things): riding an unsaddled5 donkey, eating on a mat with the slaves and feeding the beggar with my own hands.”6

2. In Tuhf al-’Uqul: From the Holy Prophet (S): Our kindness - of the Ahl al-Bayt - is such that we forgive those who wrong us and give to those who deprive us.7

3. In Kashf al-Ghummah: The Noble Prophet (S) was the most generous of all people. He gave without parsimony and donated without holding back.8

4. In ‘Uddat al-Da’i: He (S) said: We give to the undeserving out of fear of turning away the deserving.9

5. In al-Bihar, from Da’awat al-Rawandi: From Amir al-Mu’minin (as) who said: When the Holy Prophet (S) was asked something, if he wanted to do it he would say: ‘Yes’ and if he did not want to do it he would remain silent, and he would never say ‘No’ to anything.10

6. In al-’Ilal: From ‘Ali ibn al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Fadhdhal from his father from Abi al-Hasan (as), he said: I asked him about Amir al-Mu’minin (as): “Why did he not reclaim Fadak when he became the khalifa?” He replied: “Because we are the Ahl al-Bayt and none takes back our right from the one who has oppressed us except Him (Allah (SwT)). We are the leaders of the believers, we only judge in favor of them and take back their rights from those who have oppressed them and we don’t take anything for ourselves.”11

Note: This has also been narrated by al-Irbili in Kashf al-Ghummah from the Holy Prophet (S).12

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