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If the risk is considerable, then it is not allowed to expose yourself or other human deigns to a risk of life. 

Fear of death is mainly caused by misunderstanding death and its consequences or because of fearing the bad results of sinful acts.

Death is a definite stage in the life of every human being and it does not mean a disaster but a transfer from a stage of life to another stage in which good people will enjoy the great reward and Mercy of Allah, while bad people will meet the results of their own deeds.

Believing in The Mercy of Allah should make us hope to get from His Mercy whether we are alive in this world or after this world.

Death is the start of the happy life of the believer as well as the start of punishment of the enemies of Allah.

Always trust and hope to get from Allah's Mercy and repeat: YA ARHAMARRAHIMEEN. Repeating Salawaat and Estighfaar is also very useful in getting peace of mind.

 Wassalam .

You are not allowed to pray for your death. Death will come when it comes.

Pray instead that Allah helps you to stop the sins or shows you a way to end them (for instance, if someone has an addiction, this could be an intervention that actually works), forgives the sins, and heals any harm to yourself or others they may have caused. If it is possible to make adjustments to your life to reduce or avoid the sins (such as moving to a different place or household), also do that.

Allah is all-powerful and things that seem like miracles happen!

It is not our job to determine who will enter Paradise or who will not. Allah knows the intentions and circumstances of every creature, and He grants Paradise to whom He wants, according to His Knowledge and Mercy.

No doubt, the authentic Hadeeth is mentioned in both Sunni books and Shia books states that: Who dies with out giving allegiance to the Imam of his time will die a death of Jahilyyah. ( Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal, v,13, p. 188 and Saheeh Muslim, v.6, p.22 and Kitab Al-Sunnah by ibn Abi Aasim;489 and many other books of Hadeeth.