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Bismihi ta'ala

No, you do not need to be in hijab to recite Quran, dua or dhikr. It is a wonderful thing that you continuously remember Allah ta'ala, in any state and every state. 

And Allah knows best.

Hijab is an obligatory practice on every Muslim female. Non Hijabi female working or mixing with men causes them looking at her hair or arms or legs which is itself not permissible for the men. We should cause any sin to any one. Discrimination is bad against people with equal qualities, but encouraging non Hijab is completely wrong and means disrespecting the orders of Allah (SWT).

Muslim must obey the orders of Allah in every matter and every field of life.


No need for female to wear Hijab to do Dhikr or Du'a. Dhikr and Du'a can be done in any situation and any where.


We must do our best to avoid looking at non Mahram as much as we can. We should never deliberately look at non Mahram.