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Bismihi ta'ala

In our Shi'i belief, there is only one female who has 'ismah (infallibility), and that is Seyyidah Fatimah al-Zahraa (a.s.).

There are different dimensions to your question and answer, and I have covered it in a presentation which in shaa Allah could assist in answering your question:

You can tell him that Hijab is the modest dress of woman which keeps her respect and dignity as a valuable and honorable human being. Even many Christian nuns wear similar dress like our Muslim women Hijab. 
Civilized human beings always had covered their bodies unlike uncivilized who were in the jungles with out proper dress. Quran has mentioned the reason of Hijab as : To be known so that they will not be harmed ( Sura 33, verse 59).


Thank you for your question. One of the conditions for amr bi al-ma'ruf and nahy an al-mukar is that it should have an effect. So if you are sure certain actions will not have an effect the conditions to carry out that action have not been fulfilled.

May you always be successful

Imam Hussain (AS) wanted sincere eye witnesses to tell people after his martyrdom what really happened in Karbala keeping in mind the falsehood which Yazeed and his gang were intending to spread among Muslims against Imam Hussain (AS). Mo'awiyah, father of Yazeed, spread rumors among people in Syria that Ali does not pray Namaz, that is why when the news reached Shaam that Imam Ali (AS) was martyred inside the Masjid of Kufa, people of Shaam started asking: What Ali was doing in the Masjid when he does not pray Namaz?

Yazeed and his gang wanted to fabricate stories against Imam Hussain (AS) to mislead people away from Ahlul Bayt (AS). Imam Hussain (AS) took his family members with him knowing what will happen to him and them, to make them witness and convey the message to all Muslims after him.

The great rule of Lady Zainab and Lady Um Kolthoum after Karbala shows how it was necessary to have eye witnesses to inform Muslim generations and refute the false propaganda of Yazeed.

The sufferings of the family of Imam Hussain (AS) was mentioned by him as narrated when he replied those who asked him why to take his family members: Allah has ordained to see me martyred and see my family members captured شاء الله أن يراني قتيلا ويراهنّ سبايا