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If you haven't already, and if you are comfortable doing so, you could try telling her that you feel hurt and uncomfortable when she says bad things about your dad or family. That might be more effective than telling her she is committing a sin.

Usually, it is considered irresponsible for a father or mother to say bad things about each other to the children (unless it is an urgent or important issue) because it is psychologically and emotionally harmful and makes the children feel a conflict of loyalty between them.

You should never support nor accept backbiting because it is a major sin, but on the same time you must keep the respect of your mother and avoid hurting her feelings. Keeping these two duties needs your wisdom. Stopping her from backbiting can come from making her realize that by backbiting those whom she's not like, she will loose her good deeds which will go  to them, and might also get the burden of their bad deeds. You should be very polite in talking to your mother and never look like trying to teach her. You can tell her stories and narrations from the Prophet (SAWA) and Ahlul Bayt (AS). 


If you boss is a Mo'min, you must avoid criticising him unless he is doing obvious injustice on you and you will be then not allowed to talk about anything away from your suffering from his injustice. You should not mention any other thing about him which not part of your suffering.


Gheebat (Backbiting) of a believer is a major sin. 
Regarding talking bad about non believers, we should not waste our valuable time in talking bad about others except the enemies of Allah who were been cursed by Allah and His Messenger.