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Asalamu Alaykom, 

Check in your Islamic laws book of your marja for details and conditions of when to perform this. It is like a normal  ghusl with a different intention. 

Wudu isn't needed after ghusl al janabah and you would automatically have wudu unless you break it during or after your ghusl. For other non-janabah ghusls wudu must be made before or after if you wish to pray. 

May Allah grant you success  

If it happened within the ten days from the start of the menstruation (the maximum period of menses is ten days and the minimum is three days), then it is considered part of your menstruation and you need to perform Ghusl of Hayz after being sure that bleeding has completely stopped.


In the name of Allah

Yes. Reciting any dua and supplication is allowed during the period.
Keep in mind that touching the sacred names of Allah, the Holy Prophet, and the Imams peace be upon them is forbidden in the state of period.
Also if the Dua contains a verse of the Holy Quran, it's okay to recite them, but be careful not to touch those words. 


Yes. Many intentions of Ghusls can be combines in just performing one Ghusl.