The ordinary man normally has a one-dimensional personality, but great people who are truly liberated, such as the prophets and friends of Allah have personalities of several aspects. Sometimes it is difficult or even impossible for an ordinary person’s intellect to grasp how these various dimensions can be encompassed in the existence of such great people.

As an outstanding religious figure, Imam Khomeini may be included among such great personalities. In addition to his leadership abilities, political insight and far sightedness, he now also may be considered to be a distinguished teacher of Islamic ethics.

For various reasons, this aspect of his personality has not become very well known. The book which is before you is composed of some of his lectures on morals, which were delivered prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution during the period of his exile in Najaf. He invites all, and especially the students of divinity, to refinement of the soul, asceticism and piety.

Since English speaking Muslims have expressed interest in studying this work, the Islamic Thought Foundation has undertaken its publication, and Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen has accepted the responsibility for its translation. Prior to this, another of Imam Khomeini’s works, A Jug of Love, was also published by this Foundation.

It is worthy of mention that the Islamic Thought Foundation is a charitable organization which is independently funded and administered for the purpose of printing and publishing beneficial works in various languages.

Accordingly, more than sixty works by outstanding Islamic figures have been published thus far. We pray that God may grant our dear readers with the success of benefiting as much as possible from the contents of this work.

Islamic Thought Foundation
First Publication, 1995