The End

More than a week passed from the last discussion between the father and his son. This inactive time period was intentional in order to give the son time to grasp monotheism lessons and to review the concepts already discussed and to perform some experiments on them. The son was preoccupied during the day... Things that were not important before are now catching his eyes and attracting his attention.

He went out towards the garden, looked at each specific section specified for each plant and took one of the fruits without cutting out... He watched and then he pondered over this fruit when it was little seed thrown on the earth and covered with soil... How magnificent and grown up it is now! A strong tree giving odoriferous, nice and delicious fruit “It is Allah Who causeth the seed-grain and the date-stone to split and sprout.”

Suddenly, a sound coming from the henhouse disturbs his stream of thoughts... This is a sound of a hen announcing the coming of a new egg... He goes towards the henhouse thinking about the creation of an egg from the hen which lay down... “How does God create this animal with this precise organization?” he asked. “How did He supply this transparent white material of the egg, which is important for feeding human beings? The Hen eats seeds, which are made up of starchy materials, and then strangely enough, these materials are transformed into a transparent material with high nutritious value in eggs... or in the meat itself... Glory and praise be to God... You have created the most expensive food from the least expensive materials...

You have created the eggs from seeds; milk from grass; and meat from clover... All those excellent food stuff are all chemically coming from cheap materials... seeds or grass, which grow in the earth... these seeds or grass are nothing other than sucrose materials at the final analysis stage... Glory be to God, Who creates transparent materials from sucrose!!”

“Where did these sugary materials come from?” he continued.

“Plants create them from simple raw materials; that is water and air through photosynthesis... How great this is! How magnificent is the Creator of this huge factory in the leaves of plants, which mix water that is absorbed through the roots from the ground as well as Carbon Dioxide from the air and by getting assistance from the Sun’s rays that are coming from millions of miles away? Who taught these tiny leaves to perform all these sophisticated chemical operations that provide food for human beings and animals?”

“The aim, purpose and wisdom are apparent here. The proof of the organization, the aim and the purpose are all addressing sound minds with the following: “Such is the Creation of Allah: now show Me what is there that others besides Him have created”, he added.

He had the feeling of submission and humility... a pleasant sense of having a relation with a Powerful, Wise, Knowledgeable, Merciful and Gracious Creator. He couldn’t express his feeling at that very moment except with prostration and kneeling (with the forehead touching the ground). Falling immediately to prostration and kneeling on the soil and repeating: There is really no creator, except God; the deniers of God have lost; “they have verily strayed afar, far away from the Path” and they are really lost. He goes on kneeling till sunset.

When the Sun has disappeared behind the clouds, his imagination goes into the way that clouds were created... the role of the water cycle appears at this moment and he remembers the “Organization Proof” in the construction of this cycle, as well as the “Aim Proof.” He remembers the lessons given by his father and then recites: “It is Allah Who sends the Winds, and they raise the Clouds.”

He found himself taking monotheism from the soil and what grows on it; from the hen and what it produces; from the cloud and what it carries; from the shining Sun and the blowing winds. He used to take science from the school of the universe; and his teachers are all the creatures too... the nature; the day and night; the Sun and the Moon; the water and air; animals and plants; humans and minerals... these are all lecturers in monotheism; and every part of the universe is his school leading him to faith. How magnificent! How pleasant! Where are the kings and their sons to feel this enjoyment?

The son could now understand the meaning of the sentence that he has heard from his father at his prostration:

“What did the one, who found You, lost? And what does the one, wholost You, find? Be blind the eyes which don’t see Thou! “

O God, those who lost you, found nothing, and those who found you, lost nothing

He met his father at that night to let him know about his new sense that had just born and said:

S Dad! I feel that I’m a student at the monotheism school...

F Where is this school located?

S Everywhere, Dad.

F Who are the teachers at that school?

S Every creature, every phenomenon and everything are teachers there.

F What about the working hours?

S Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The lessons are falling just like a torrent rain in a thunderstorm.

F What about the teaching language?

S All languages are supported.

F The teaching level?

S The simplest ones can understand the lessons; and the greatest thinkers can deeply meditate.

F What is the final awarding degree and certificate?

S The degree carries the following title: “There is no creator, but God”