The Evidence of Intention

F Do you have any questions tonight?

S No, but I was thinking about our conversation yesterday. I was reviewing the previous lessons to understand them better but I see that you have brought some photocopied papers.

F These are from the book “The Faith Story”, written by Sheikh Nadim Al-Jesr. I found it in one of the public libraries. So I had photocopied those pages, in which the author attempted to summarize the materialists’ theories objectively and discussed them rationally. I think you can read and understand them, and if you have any question, I’m ready to help you.

S Please hand them to me Dad! “The main theme of the origin of the world has filtered now into two principles: the material and its energy, or its motion. They are both old and associated with each other since eternity. This self- propelled motion is the cause of all forms of living and non living things. They are created through a cause and effect process from those two factors: material and motion. Both factors lack the will and intention to create all what exist in the world. You know that it is proved by geological discoveries that animals and plants were created after a span of time when they weren’t existent and that was known after investigating the layers of the Earth.

You found out that the last layer was empty of any living sign. Thus, there was a time when there were no living creatures. Then, through the reaction of the elements and motion, certain compounds were formed. Such compounds were mixed in specific proportion, which formed the living subject. The first formed living material is called protein. The creation of living beings was a result of emerging of such living materials into one living being which possess the ability of division, reproduction and assimilation. Such a material is called protoplasm. Thus, through this process simple plants and animals were formed. Hence, those living creatures have evolved to reproduce, spread and diversify according to the four laws governing nature as stated in the theory of evolution of Natural Selection.

Therefore, all living beings have originated and developed through this process over millions of years. Then, what we see as animals and plants is the fruit of such reactions. A human being is also one of the animals, which the development of this evolution process has produced. Human beings are similar to other animals in every respect except in their higher rank of evolution and level of mental development.”

F After the author completed his screening of the materialists’ theory, he started his rational argument:

“After an honest investigation, I found that the cornerstone of this theory is your belief in the agelessness of material. Therefore, if you believe that material is ageless, you won’t believe in God who created it and you won’t consider the different types of materials, then motion was necessary to compliment such phenomenon. Otherwise, creation of different materials would be difficult to furnish. Thus, material and motion were the two factors which brought about all the creation in the world.

On the other hand, if you assumed the creation of material, then you have no choice but to believe in God Who has brought about all materials’ vast varieties, and you won’t go into a course of denying the existence of God and attributing the creation to an accident based on the probability theory. Such a theory assumes that there is no intention, planning or aim in all what we witness in the world, living and non- living!

In order to refute this theory, it is necessary to prove that matter is not eternal but created. An investigator of your theory will find three main points which are difficult to be proven at the same time. If one or two points were proven the third one would be disproved. The first point is the assumptions of eternity of material and its motion which are associated since ever. The other point is the onset of the living creatures that were discovered through archeological work on the layers of the Earth. Those creatures which included all animals, plants and human beings that were created at the end of the evolution process and the human being is the most recent.

The third point is that material and motion are associated and eternal which have produced all things in the world whether living or non-living. Such martial, motion and the result of diverse forms of life and lifeless entities were brought about with intention, planning and will. This entails that material and motion have given creation in the form of cause and effect. Those are the three points which are presented as pillars of this theory can be critically reviewed as follows:

It is evident that a rational mind makes clear-cut decisions for cause and effect processes. So, if something is taking place, then it is imperative that there is a cause for its existence. There is a natural sequence of the process in the cause and effect which has to follow a time-table and cannot deviate there from. And if the cause is eternal, the effect would be eternal too. While it is recognized that living beings and materials are not eternal. Consequently, there will be three options. The first is to assume that all created things are eternal following the eternal cause. But this assumption would contradict the scientific archeological discoveries. Otherwise, you would assume that material and its motion are wise and willful. But, obviously this is denied. The other alternative is to admit that material and its motion are not eternal and are created.

S “Dad! I’ve had a nice time reading the extracted text from the book “The Faith Story.”

F Have you found any difficulty in understanding the concepts?

S In the beginning, there were some difficulties, but after meditation and review, I could fully grasp it. Then I began reviewing the main points that we’ve gone over in the program so I remembered the “Innate proof”, “Organization proof” as well as the scientific theories that emphasize the creation of the universe and denies its agelessness. I have comprehended the reasons behind rejecting the idea of accidental creation of the universe and the experience you prepared for me in the library and printing office of Abu Ahmed had helped a lot, as well as what happened at home, such as the address book and the cooking story... I also reviewed the idea of the “Impossibility of Succession with respect to the case of the Creator and creatures”, and then I found out that the idea of ageless and eternal God is more logical than the ageless material... At last, I felt that I have a solid base of faith which shows that God, glory and praise be to Him, is the Creator of the entire universe, and there is no God but Him Who is far away from what infidels associate Him with.

F Thanks to God who guided you to the way, which you would not find without His will.

S Dad! There is another case that you mentioned but haven’t discussed yet.

F There are too many subjects we haven’t discussed... We just worked on a few simple topics that were necessary at that stage. But the favorite educational method to follow with people, specifically the clever ones like you who do read a lot, is to give them leading points and leave them to do their research freely. They can resort to their mind and intact innate nature... You see that the Quran follows the same way more than once without having to use instructions and demands strategies, for instance:

Travel through the Earth and see how Allah did originate creation”; and it leaves readers to investigate what they see from their experience in the world and what they infer from the way in which the creation has started. Also His Magnificence says:

Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the Earth, and the alternation of night and day,- there are indeed signs for men of understanding.” Those gifted with good reasoning will understand without any explanation just by referring them by simple signs. You can also find many verses in the Holy Quran dilating over this concept: “Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider!”, “Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand!”, “Verily in this is a Message for any that has a mind and understanding or who gives ear and earnestly witnesses (the truth)”, “And We have indeed made the Qur’an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?”, There is also a Prophetic saying (hadith) which shows how Islam respects the mind; it stated: “The first thing that God created was the mind, and He said to the mind: come forward so it came; afterwards He continued: go forward and it went.” [This is to check its understanding]

God, glory and praise be to Him, said: “By My Might and Majesty, I haven’t created anything dearer to Me”

S What a nice Prophetic tradition it is? Allah has created the brain to obey God innately as it comes and goes according to God’s will. God has assigned the mind as the center of God’s love for His creatures...

F Of course, the mind is the tool of worshiping God and ignorance is the tool of disobeying God.

Hadith that states: “The sleeping of a scholar is better than the worship of an ignorant.” This Hadith is in agreement with the meaning of the following holy verse: “Those truly fear Allah, among His servants are the scholars.”

F O son! Knowledge leads to real faith. But worship without knowledge would be easily overwhelmed by a passing doubt resulting in the destruction of years of prayers, fasting and other good deeds. This could be the case if faith was not based on solid grounds of science and knowledge... Look at yourself and see when have you been closer to God, after years of worship? Or after few nights of gaining knowledge?

S Quite clear, Dad! Your teachings during those few nights have transferred me to the world of faith. It is not comparable to years of my worship! I’ve felt submission in my prayers and I have enjoyed increased praying time. Being conscious of God, His presense and guidance has given me a nice feeling within my heart which is indicated by the following verse: “And He is with you wherever you may be.”

Dad! Your method has given me the main leading points that have benefited me a lot. It made me carry out my own research and refuse to accept theories or ideas without giving it a critical look. In this way I could find solutions to several complex problems which were without answer. But I have a question which I couldn’t find a suitable answer from available references.

F What is it?

S You’ve told me that there are many proofs for the existence of God, glory and praise be to Him, such as: “innate proof”, “organization proof” and “aim proof”... But I haven’t understood your explanation about the last point, the aim proof.

That is correct! I haven’t read about this point in a book, but I formed an opinion at the preliminary stages of my studies at the Medical College and then more specifically when I was studying for the specialization. There, I discovered what I couldn’t perceive before. The brief explanation of the aim proof is: you’ll find everything around you exists for a reason or purpose. You will never find a thing or a single element of that thing to be created without purpose.

This demonstrates that there is a Strong, Wise Power beyond the creation of the universe which put everything in its rightful place and allocates each single element within a specified position and determined a limit for everything. These all signify the characteristics of that Power, which is:

First: Wisdom. That is, the aims and intentions are entirely rational and are not aimless.

Second: Mercy. That is, the aims are all intending to help human beings and are seen as mercy.

Third: Power, The one who designed the universe and determined the purpose of each part of it has definitely absolute power.

Fourth: Knowledge, which is quite clear here.

The importance of the purpose proof is that it gives you lessons every day through what you see. Soon, with no doubt you will find out that there should be a Wise, Merciful, Mighty and Knowledgeable Power beyond all of this. For instance, look at this glass of water, water quenches your thirst, irrigates plants, cleanse, cools, heats and is used for several other applications. So, you feel that there must be a purpose behind the creation of water to help human beings facilitate their life as a sign of mercy. If you think further and have an overall view of water distribution on Earth, you’ll find that salty water covers three quarter of the Earth’s surface. The evaporated water from seas is condensed at the upper layers of the atmosphere and falls as rain or snow.

Then water would flow into streams and rivers in order to meet human beings needs, irrigate plants and then it flows into the seas. The water cycle in the nature clearly indicates that there is a purpose and the One behind this purpose is God, the Wise, and the Merciful. This knowledge is derived from your glance at the glass of water, which you see here in front of you.

You may look at the window, feel the blow of the wind and think about its content. It contains gases, such as oxygen which constitutes one fifth of the air to help you as well as all other creatures that need to breath. You may also think of the winds’ movements and its role in balancing the temperature, carrying clouds and cleaning the atmosphere from poisonous and harmful gases. When you think of all that, you’ll reach the same result... The intention of the One Who is Wise, Knowledgeable, Merciful and Powerful.

Think about your eyes which you use to see and the way eyelids protect them, the way the eye lashes protect the eyes, the way tears glands wash them continuously, and how the front parts of the eyes are transparent to allow light to pass through, and the way the lenses change their focal points as needed and the retinas that catch the image and transfer it to the brain through the optical nerves... If you think of these aspects deeply, you’ll reach the intention of the One Who is Wise, Knowledgeable, Merciful and Powerful.

Think about your ears, which allow you to hear, your tongue, which you use to speak, your hands, legs, stomach, heart, liver, kidney, nerves, bones, muscles and all your cells are evidence that there is no god, but God... Yes son! There is no god, but God Who is One and only One.

S It’s absolutely right that, there is no god, but God.

F My ears, eyes, muscles, bones, skin, nerves and hair are all evidence of this fact.

S My mind has admitted to this fact. My heart has become full with love of God, Who is the sole Designer of the universe. He is the One Who bestowed mercy to human beings, created the skies and the Earth... But Dad! I noticed similarities between the organization proof and the purpose proof. Are they the same?

F No son! The organization proof implies proficiency which implies Knowledge and Power. But the purpose proof signifies specifically the mercy upon human beings, because the purpose explains the aim or purpose of every organization... do you understand my point?

S To be honest... No!

F Well! Let’s have an example, the rotation of the Earth around itself and around the Sun... When we study them, we find complicated movements and based on extremely sophisticated rules and highly precise calculations. As a result of this rotation around the Sun we have the succession of the four seasons... This is a well-designed organization which proves that the Creator is aware of all these laws and He is able to make the Earth submit to His will; this is what the organization proof is about. The purpose proof is something different...

After recognizing the existence of the organization, the purpose proof explains the intention behind this organization. It explains the wisdom and the benefit of the organization. Thus, finding the purpose is another dimension of the organization proof which is a proof of God’s mercy upon all human beings. Listen, son when you see an organization, you’ll ask: Why is this organization created? The answer will be the purpose proof. To simplify the matter, let me give you an example, the earth rotation

S Yes Dad! Give me the example please. Examples really provide better understanding.

F This is the method of the Quran. If you look at the Quran, you’ll find many verses starting with: “Set forth to them, by way of parable”, or “The parable of those who...” The Quran is full of parables. If there were no parable, it would be impossible to explain many cases.

S Dad! Please give me your example.

F We said: The rotation of the Earth around itself and the around the sun represents the organization proof; and now if we ask: why does the Earth rotate around itself and around the sun? I mean is the aim? What is philosophy? What is the benefit of the Earth’s rotation organization? The answer is to have the succession of day and night which will regulate and organize the human’s daily routine. “And made the night as a covering. And made the day as a means of subsistence?” and to have the four seasons taking place sequentially which will result in the various agricultural products and human activities. In addition, it enables measuring the time by days and years.

All of this serves human beings as a sign of God’s mercy. If we take another example about the water cycle in nature and ask: why is this organization ever created? The answer is: this organization put the water under the control of human beings to serve them for the purpose of drinking, cooking, cleaning, agriculture, industry and other kinds of human activities.

If we take the human eyes structure as an example and ask: why is the cornea transparent? The answer is: to allow light to pass through. If we ask: why is the lens placed there? The answer is: in order to allow the image to be focused on the retina. If we ask: why is the iris located before the lens and is supplied with special muscles? The answer is: in order to control the intensity of light which gets into the eye ball. Also, why is the color inside the eye ball black? to allow an image to be focused clearly on the back of the retina... and so on. So whenever we find an organization (the organization proof), we will ask: why is this organization created (the purpose proof)?

The answer will always be a kind of reasoning explains the aim and the divine purpose of the organization of the universe; this aim or purpose presents the merciful aspects toward mankind.

S Now I understood!

F Now, you can ask thousands of questions about everything you see around or hear... All the questions begin with “Why?” You will find out the answer implies wisdom, benefit, aim and purpose, which all for human beings own good. Try to experiment this tomorrow from early morning by asking: why do I wake up from sleep? You’ll find out that the divine wisdom requires you to wake up, because rest time is over and it’s time for being active. When you sit to have breakfast, you’ll see that you’re there because of the urge of hunger. Why do I feel hungry?

Because the body needs food, and hunger stimulates a person to recognize this need. When you eat food, ask yourself: why do I enjoy eating food? Because if eating was not pleasure, a person would feel eating is a burden that he wants to get rid of and difficult. You may continue asking “Why?” in everything; you’ll always find the justified and rational answer demonstrating the aim and the purpose of the Creator of the universe and the organization planner Who is Kind to His servants.

S This is a new practice which I’ll begin.

F Why do you want to practice?

S In order to have more insight into” purpose Proof”, to increase my faith in God and my love to Him and to my father whom God has granted me to guide me so I know my God better.( and this is an answer of “ why”)