Rational And Evaluation Reasoning

S Dad! I’m still overwhelmed by the scientific reasoning of refuting accidental creation of the world. Certainty of God’s existence is something that is open to discussion, glory and praise be to Him. I’m now familiar with the error of materialists. Dad! Would you please tell me about the other theory of materialists and their idea of the eternal material existence which claims that there is no Creator for the universe?

F Of course, son! They claim that the universe has been in existence since ever so there is no point of asking who the creator is because, as they assume, that there was no time where there was nothing existent. This allegation is just some kind of assumption for they have no evidence that the universe has been in existence since ever!

S Right Dad! What’s their evidence?

F I told you; they have no evidence; on the contrary, the evidence they forward is against their allegation. Scientifically, the age of the universe is around billions of years which means that at the beginning it wasn’t inexistence and later was created. What does this mean other than: “It is X years old”?

S Quite correct... If we pinpoint an age for the universe, it means that there should be a beginning.

F It also means that it’s not eternal

S Of course! And according to that there should be a Creator and He is the Almighty God. But Dad! Is there any scientific proof that the universe is not eternal?

F Yes son! Physics will provide us with the reason. Thermal Dynamics proves that the constituents of this universe lose their energy gradually and this leads towards a day when all creatures are approaching the temperature of absolute zero. At that time, there won’t be any energy and there will be no movement at all. There is no get away from this situation because of the gradual loss of energy as time passes. This proves that the universe is not eternal. If it was so, then it would have reached the temperature of absolute zero long time ago. The burning Sun, the shining stars and the Earth, which is full of different forms of lives, are clear evidence that the universe is originally related to a time started at a specific moment. Thus it is an event amongst the events and this means that there should be a beginning for the universe and there should be an Ageless, Eternal, Wise Creator, Who encompasses everything. His Power is unlimited and He must have created this universe.

S Mighty... Great... Glory be to God... “Truth has (now) arrived

F and Falsehood perished

S Actually the progress in science serves faith and brings human beings closer to God... Where did you find this reason, Dad?

F From the same chapter of the book “The Manifestation of God in Modern Science.” Frank Alen had written this chapter.

S May God reward him the best! What a great service he has delivered in refuting the materialists’ claims about the eternity of the universe and its accidental creation. But Dad! Did this book deal with the Organization Proof?

F Yes... The same author discussed aspects of the universal organization and concluded that there has to be a Creator to the universe. He said:

“The Earth provides a suitable environment to life which cannot be attributed to mere chance. The Earth is a sphere hung in the space rotating around itself which results in the succession of days and nights; it also rotates around the sun once a year which results in the succession of sequential seasons that expand the livable regions of our planet and increase the types of different vegetables far more than if the Earth being static. The Earth is enveloped by gases which are necessary for all forms of life, more than 500 miles above the earth.

The thickness of the gas- cover protects us from the deadly meteorites which possess an approximate speed of more than thirty miles per second by preventing them from reaching the surface of the Earth with such deadly speed. Also the gas-cover keeps the Earth’s temperature within a range suitable for life. It also carries water vapor from the oceans to far regions flourishing life in those lifeless regions. Rain is the source of fresh water without which the Earth would be a desert without any sign of life. In conclusion, the oceans and the atmosphere complement each other to create a balance in the universe.

Water is characterized by four significant properties that protect lives in the oceans, lakes and rivers, especially when winter becomes long and extremely cold. Water absorbs great amounts of Oxygen when its temperature is low. The density of water reaches its maximum at four degrees Celsius. We also know that the density of ice is less than that of water which makes the ice formed in lakes and rivers floats over the water surface because it is lighter than water. Thus the water maintains its temperature making life possible underneath water in extremely cold regions.

When water freezes, a great amount of heat is liberated which helps protect the living creatures in the seas. The dry parts of the Earth are suitable for many creatures. The soil contains several elements that plants absorb and transform into various types of nutrients which animals lack and need. There are also a large number of minerals close to the surface of the Earth.

It was the reason behind the creation of the current civilizations and the emergence of the available industries and arts. In conclusion, the Earth is created in the best way for living. It’s doubtless that all this is arranged by a Wise and Expert Creator. It’s not sensible that it is a mere coincidence or a random mixture of things. Asheia (one of the Jewish prophets) was right when he said the following and this is aimed at God: “He didnt create it aimlessly; it has been created and visualized for the creatures.”

Some people mock the size of the Earth compared to the infinite space surrounding it. If the Earth was smaller than it is now, e.g. equivalent to the size of the moon or its diameter is quarter of the Earth’s current diameter, it would be unable to keep the surrounding atmosphere and water vapor; the temperature would have reached a degree that no living creatures would be able to survive. On the other hand, if the Earth’s diameter was double its current one, the surface would expand four times the current size and this would result in doubling its gravity. As a result, the height of the atmospheric envelope would decrease and the atmospheric pressure would increase from 1Kg/cm2 to 2Kg/cm2 which would highly affect life on earth. In this situation the area of the cold regions would highly expand and the area of the livable regions would greatly decrease. Therefore, people would have group and live separately far from each other; the isolation would grow and traveling and communication would become impossible.

If the Earth’s size was the same of the sun (assuming that it should have the same density), its gravity would be 150 times more than what it is currently. Also, the height of the atmospheric envelope would be four miles less and as a result water vaporization would become impossible. The atmosphere pressure would be more than 150 Kg/cm2; so an animal of a one-pound weight would weigh 150 pounds. The size of a human being would shrink to the size of a weasel or a squirrel and their intellectualism would be impossible to develop.

If the Earth’s orbit moved to double the distance from the sun, the quantity of heat received from the sun would decrease to one fourth of its present level; the rotation time around the sun would take longer and the winter would become longer and all living creatures on Earth would freeze. On the other hand, if the distance of the Earth from the sun was half of the current one, the heat received would be four times greater; the rotation velocity would increase; the duration of the seasons would shrink to the half if we call them seasons at all; and living on Earth would become impossible.

In conclusion, the current size of the Earth, its distance from the sun and its velocity within its orbit provide the living conditions and the prerequisites for human beings to live, think and enjoy life the way we see it.”

S O God! This is the best useful knowledge I’ve ever heard.

I must look for this book and read it carefully. If I find it, I would buy it for any cost.

F Also look for the book “The Faith Story” written by Sheikh Nadim Al-Jeser. You’ll find excellent discussions and useful experiences about faith.

S Would you please tell me about it?

F We will continue our discussion tomorrow, son!