Translator’s Preface

This book tries to answer some serious questions and respond to related doubts concerning faith and belief in God. It is recommended for those suffering from unacceptable interactions with religious people and those who would like to be more familiar with the true nature of religion. It also discusses the reasons why some religious people let others go astray.

This book provides answers to the following questions:

• Has the universe been created for nothing? Has it been created by someone for a purpose? Or was it merely an accident?

• Is there any aim beyond the creation of the world?

• Who governs the world? Nature, superpower or God?

• Why should some people ask the youth not to query too much about the Creator? Is there a lack in the Creator that the youth shouldn’t know about? Or do we have difficulties in making this misunderstanding clear?

• Is the Creator cruel, or kind and merciful? How and why?

• Why should some people suffer from many problems while we emphasize that the Creator of the universe is ‘kind’? Is there any ambiguity with this expression? Or is there something we don’t know?

• Why do we always see the traditional religion in places where cruelty and poverty are noticeable?

• Are we going to believe in a traditional religion or are we going to discover a religion that covers nowadays’ requirements?

• Why are those preaching for religion always keen on motivating people to pray and perform religious duties while they themselves are not so keen to inform those people about their social, economic and political rights?

Last but not least, when we see all the problems in the religious societies, can we say that there is a problem with the religion itself; or should we say that there are problems with the believers but not the religion?

In brief, this book tries to present an easy-to-understand text to be followed by the youth as well as parents in order to be able to answer questions and queries pertaining to religion and faith.

September 2006
Majeed Muhammad