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Chapter 12: Report about Abdul Muttalib and Abu Talib

Abdul Muttalib and Abu Talib were much more knowledgeable about the Holy Prophet (S) than other learned people and scholars but both of them used to maintain secrecy from the ignorant, the infidels and the deviated persons.

1 - Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad bin Musa (r.a.): Narrated to us Ahmad bin Yahya bin Zakariya al-Qattan: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ismail: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Muhammad: Narrated to us my father: Narrated to me Haitham bin Amr al-Muzni from Ibrahim bin Aqil Hudhalli from Ikrimah from Ibne Abbas that he said:

“A carpet used to be specially laid out for Abdul Muttalib in the shade of the Kaaba and none but he sat. And it was by way of respect for him. His sons used to sit around him and didn’t disperse while he remained seated there. The Messenger of Allah (S) who was a young child at that time used to come roaming about and sit upon that carpet and his uncles did not like. So they used to try to remove him from there.

But when Abdul Muttalib saw this, he used to say: Leave my son. By Allah, he is having a very exalted status. I can see that there would certainly come a day when he shall be your master. I can see the effulgence of greatness on his forehead. He would lead the people. After that he used to pick him up in his arms and seated him next to himself. He used to stroke his back and kiss him and said: I have never seen softer and pure kiss like this and neither have I seen a body so soft and purified.

Then he used to turn towards Abu Talib as he (Abu Talib) and Abdullah were from the same mother and said: O Abu Talib, this boy is having a great status, so you must protect him and remain attached to him because he is unique. Be like a mother to him. Take care that nothing untoward should happen to him. Then he used to place him on his shoulders and perform seven rounds (of the Kaaba). Abdul Muttalib knew that he despised the idols of Laat and Uzza, therefore he did not take him before them.

When he (Prophet) was six years old, his mother, Amina passed away at Abwa which is situated between Mecca and Medina. She had taken him with her to visit her brother from Bani Adi. Thus the Messenger of Allah (S) became an orphan having neither the shade of the father nor the love of mother. Thus Abdul Muttalib showered him with more love and care. This continued till the end arrived for Abdul Muttalib.

In his last moments he summoned Abu Talib. At that time the Prophet was atop Abdul Muttalib’s chest and the latter was in the throes of death. He was weeping. In this condition he addressed Abu Talib: O Abu Talib, be a guardian for him as he is alone. He has neither seen the shade of the father nor tasted the affection of the mother. Abu Talib, consider him to be as precious as a vital organ of yours.

I have singled you out from all my sons for his guardianship because you and his father were from the same mother (full brothers). If you are able to witness his period (of prophethood) you should know that I am the most cognizant about him among all the people. Thus if you are able, follow him; and help him with your tongue, your hands and your wealth. By Allah, he shall be your leader and he shall achieve such a kingdom that none of my ancestors ever had. O Abu Talib I don’t know of anyone among your ancestors whose father died like his father and whose mother passed away like his mother.

So, keep in mind his loneliness and protect him. Have you accepted my bequest regarding him? “Yes,” he replied, I have indeed accepted it and Allah is the witness of this. Abdul Muttalib said: “Give me your hand.” He gave his hand and Abdul Muttalib held it and said: Now death has become easy for me. Then he continued to kiss Muhammad and repeat: I testify that indeed I have never kissed a son more fragrant and elegant than you. He used to aspire remaining alive till the time of his prophethood. After that Abdul Muttalib passed away.

At that time the Holy Prophet (S) was eight years old. Abu Talib placed him under his care. Not for a moment during the day and night did he leave him. He used to make him sleep near himself and did not trust anyone regarding him.”

2 - Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Husain al-Bazzaz: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yaqoob Asam: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Abdul Jabbar Utaridi: Narrated to us Yunus bin Bukair from Muhammad bin Ishaq Ibne Yasar Madani: Narrated to us Narrated to us Abbas bin Abdullah bin Saeed from some of his family members that he said:

“For Abdul Muttalib, the grandfather of the Messenger of Allah (S) a carpet was laid under the shade of the Kaaba on which none of his sons sat by way of respect for him. When the Holy Prophet (S) came there he sat only upon this. But when his uncles tried to remove him from there , his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib used to tell them: Leave my son alone. Then he used to stroke his back and say: My son is having a unique status. Abdul Muttalib passed away when the Holy Prophet (S) was eight years old and this occurred eight years after the Year of the Elephant.”

3 - Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad (r.a.) that he said: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Yahya that he said: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ismail that he said: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Muhammad that he said: Narrated to us my father from Khalid bin Ilyas from Abi Bakr bin Abdullah bin Abi Jaham that he said: Narrated to me my grandfather that: I heard Abu Talib narrating from Abdul Muttalib that he said:

“One day when I was sleeping in the Hijr (of Ismail) I saw a dream which made me fearful. So I went to consult the diviner lady of Quraish. I was covered with a sheet of fur and my luxurious hair fell on both of my shoulders. When she looked at me she noticed my fearful face and she sat down carefully. At that time I was the chief of my community.

She said: What has happened to the chief of the Arabs? Has anything terrible happened? I said, “Yes, I saw a dream last night when I was sleeping in the Hijr (of Ismail). I dreamed that a tree was growing from my back. Its top was reaching to the sky and its branches had covered the east and the west of the earth. I saw an effulgence coming out of it which was seventy times brighter than the light of the sun. I saw the Arabs and non-Arabs prostrating before it. I also saw a group from Quraish preparing to cut down this tree.

When these people approached the tree a most elegant young man wearing the purest dress used to catch hold of them and broke their backs. He used to gouge out their eyes. When I stretched out my hand to this tree the young man screamed: Stop, there is no share in it for you. I asked: Then who has a share in it? Whereas the tree is growing from me only? He said: Only those have a share in it who develop attachment with it and you shall turn towards it. After this I awoke in fear and worry and my face was pale with terror.

Then I saw that the lady was also shocked and pale. She said: If your dream is true a boy will appear in your progeny that will rule the east and the west. And he shall become famous among the people. After that my sorrow and worry was dispelled. So take care, O Abu Talib, perhaps you are that person. Thus Abu Talib used to mention this to people and at that time the Holy Prophet (S) had already appeared and Abu Talib used to say:

That tree, by Allah, is Abul Qasim (Muhammad) the trustworthy one. Therefore he was asked: If it is so why don’t you bring faith in him? He used to reply: For condemnation and insults from the people.”

Abu Ja’far Muhammad bin Ali (r.a.) the author of this book says: Indeed, Abu Talib was a believer, but he put up a show of polytheism and concealed his faith so that he might have the most opportunities to help the Messenger of Allah (S).

4 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan that he said: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan as-Saffar from Ayyub bin Nuh from Abbas bin Aamir from Ali bin Abi Sarah from Muhammad bin Marwan from Abi Abdullah (a.s.) that he said:

“Indeed, Abu Talib put up a show of disbelief and concealed faith and when it was the time of his passing away, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime revealed to the Messenger of Allah (S) to leave Mecca as there was no one to help him there and migrated to Medina.”

5 - Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad as-Saigh that he said: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ayyub from Salih bin Asbat from Ismail bin Muhammad; and Ali bin Abdullah from Rabi bin Muhammad Musalli from Saad bin Tareef from Asbagh bin Nubatah that he said: I heard Amirul Momineen (a.s.) say:

“By Allah, my father, my grandfather Abdul Muttalib, Hashim and Abde Manaf never worshipped idols. He was asked: Then what did they worship? He replied: They used to face the Kaaba and pray according to the religion of Ibrahim (a.s.) and they followed only that faith.”

6 - Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad (r.a.) that: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Yahya that: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ismail that he said: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Muhammad: Narrated to us my father from Saeed bin Muslim, freed slave of Bani Makhzum from Saeed bin Abi Salih from his father from Ibne Abbas that he said: I heard my father, Abbas say:

“When my brother Abdullah was born, there was effulgence upon his face like the light of the sun. My respected father, Abdul Muttalib said: This son of mine will have an exalted status. Then one night I dreamt that a white bird emerged from the nose of Abdullah and flew up to reach the east and the west. Then it returned and perched on the roof of the Kaaba.

At that moment all the people of Quraish prostrated towards it and began to gaze at it in amazement. There was a light which enveloped the earth and the sky and the east and the west. After waking up I inquired about it from a lady diviner who belonged to Bani Makhzum. She said: If your dream is true a boy would be born from the loins of Abdullah who will rule over the people of the east and the west. Abbas says that after this I was always on the lookout for a consort for Abdullah till he was married to Amina.

She was the most beautiful girl in all of Quraish. After that Abdullah passed away and the Holy Prophet (S) was born posthumously. I saw an effulgence emanating from his forehead. When I took him in my arms the fragrance of musk came out from his body and I became fragrant like a musk navel-bag. Amina told me: When the labor started I heard many noises in the house which were not human voices.

Then I saw a flag of a thin fine cloth attached to a pole of ruby. It had filled up the earth and the sky and a light was rising up from the head of this child which had illuminated the sky. In it I saw the palaces of Shaam which looked like flames of fire due to the brilliant light. And I saw around myself pigeon-like birds spreading out their wings. I also saw the Bani Asad genie passing through and saying: O Amina what all the fortune-tellers and idols will have to see from your son! After that I saw a tall young man who was the most elegant of all and had donned the most beautiful dress.

I thought that it was Abdul Muttalib. He took my son in his arms and made him suck his saliva. He had a tray of gold with him which was studded with emeralds and also had a comb of gold. He cut open the belly of my son and took out his heart. Then he cut it open and took out a black spot and threw it out. Then he took out bag of green brocade and took out a kind of white grass from the bag. Then he filled up the heart with this grass and placed the heart back into its place. Then he stroked the baby’s stomach and spoke to him. The infant replied to him. I could not understand their conversation except that he said: Remain in the care and security of Allah. Indeed I have filled up your heart with faith, knowledge, certainty and valor. You are the best human.

Good for one who follows you and woe to one who opposes you. Then he took out another bag which was made of white brocade. From that he removed a seal and imprinted it between his shoulders. The imprint arose on the skin. Then he said: My Lord has commanded that I should blow the sacred spirit into your breast.

Thus he blew the soul into the body of the Prophet and dressed him up in a robe and said: This will protect you from all the calamities of the world. O Abbas, this is all what I witnessed through my own eyes. Abbas says that he uncovered the shoulders of the Holy Prophet (S) and read the inscription of the seal. Then I kept all this confidential and subsequently forgot everything till I accepted Islam and the Holy Prophet (S) himself reminded me of all this.”