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Chapter 18: Report of Yusuf the Jew about the Holy Prophet (S)

Narrated to us my father (r.a.) that: Narrated to us Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from Ibne Abi Umair from Aban bin Uthman in a rafa’u tradition, from his chains of reporters that he said:

“When Abdullah reached maturity, Abdul Muttalib got him married to Amina binte Wahab and lady Amina became pregnant. She says: “When I became pregnant no signs of pregnancy became apparent in me and the conditions usually seen in pregnant women were absent. Once I saw in dream that a person came to me and said:

You are carrying the best of men. At the time of delivery he was born without any discomfort to me. The Holy Prophet (S) placed his hands on the ground and came down. At that moment a caller called out: You have given birth to the best of men. Give him in refuge of Allah from the evil of every oppressor and jealous one.”

The Holy Prophet (S) was born after twelve nights of the month of Rabi I.

Lady Amina says that when he was born he placed his hands on the ground and raised his head to the sky and a light beamed out of me which illuminated the earth and the sky. When the satans tried to fly to the sky, stones rained upon them and an obstruction appeared between them and the sky. Seeing these phenomena the Quraish were terrified and exclaimed that these were the signs of the apocalypse.

They went to Walid bin Mughaira and told him about all those happenings. Walid bin Mughaira was considered a wise man. He said: Look at the stars with whose help you seek directions in the sea and on land. If you don’t find them in their original places you should know that the apocalypse is here and if they remain at the proper positions a great event has occurred.

The satans also saw this and they gathered around Iblees who cried: Throughout this night I have observed momentous changes in the heavens and earth. Some great event must have transpired on the earth, unparalleled since the ascension of Isa to heaven; fly to discover what it is. The subordinate fiends flew in all directions, on their infernal errand, but returned without making any discovery to satisfy the doubts of Shaitan, who then undertook the matter himself, glided down to the earth, and sought far and wide around, till at last, coming to Mecca, he found the sacred place encircled by a host of angels, who repelled him with a shout.

He then entered from the side of Hira mountain, but Jibraeel detected him and sternly said, Begone, accursed! He replied: Tell me what has happened? Jibraeel answered: Muhammad, the best of the prophets, is born. Have I any portion in him? Inquired the fiend. No, said Jibraeel. But have I no portion in his Ummah? added the evil spirit. Yes, replied the archangel, upon which Iblees professed himself satisfied, and departed.

There was a Jew, named Yusuf, in Mecca. When he saw these phenomena he said: This is the night of the birth of the same prophet about whom we have read in the books. He is the seal of the prophets and because of him stones were rained on the Satan. In the morning he came to Quraish and asked: Was a baby boy born in your tribe last night? No, they said. He said: A boy has definitely taken birth. He is the most superior among all the prophets and he is the last of them. The people went out in different directions to inquire about it and came to know that a son was born to Abdullah Ibne Abdul Muttalib.

They called this Jew scholar and said: Yes, a boy is born. He asked: Was he born before I mentioned it or after that? Before, they said. He said: Take me to him. They brought him to lady Amina and said: Take out your child so that we may have a look at him. Lady Amina brought the Prophet to them. Yusuf opened his shoulders and back, saw the mark of prophethood and swooned. The Quraish were amazed at this and they began to make fun of Yusuf. He said: You are making fun of me while he is that prophet who will slay you with the sword. The prophethood has been taken away from Bani Israel till the Judgment Day. The people dispersed from there and the prophecies of the Jew became a topic for discussion everywhere.”