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Chapter 19: Report Ibne Hawash al-Muqbil of Damascus

Narrated to us my father (r.a.) that: Narrated to us Ali bin Ibrahim from his father Ibrahim bin Hashim from Muhammad bin Abi Umair; and Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abi Nasr Bazanti all of them from Aban bin Uthman al-Ahmar from Aban bin Taghlib from Ikramah from Ibne Abbas that he said:

“When the Holy Prophet (S) got Kaab bin Asad of Bani Quraiza arrested and wanted him to be executed, he said: O Kaab, did the advice of Ibne Hawash the Rabbi not benefit you, who had come from Damascus and used to say: I have given up wine and luxury, I have adopted abstemiousness and started eating dates in anticipation of the prophet the time of whose advent has arrived; he will migrate from Mecca and come to Medina. His food will be dry bread and dates and he will ride a bare-backed mule. There will be redness in his eyes and the mark of prophethood will be embossed between his two shoulders.

He will carry his sword on his shoulders and not care for any enemy. His dominion will extend to every place where the hooves of the horses can reach. Kaab said: O Muhammad, it is so. If the Jews had not said that I brought faith under the threat of death I would have indeed accepted (your) faith. But I have lived on the Jewish faith so far and I shall die on it. The Messenger of Allah (S) said: ‘Come and execute him.’ The executioner stepped forward and cut off his head.”