Chapter 23: Nass of the Almighty Allah for al-Qaim and that he is the Twelfth Imam

Chapter 23: Nass (textual stamp) of the Almighty Allah for al-Qaim (a.s.) and that he is the Twelfth Imam

1 -Narrated to us Husain bin Ahmad bin Idrees (r.a.): Narrated to us my father: Narrated to us Abu Saeed Sahl bin Ziyad Adami ar-Raazi: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Adam Shaibani from his father Adam Ibne Abi Iyaas: Narrated to us Mubarak bin Fadala from Wahb bin Munabbih – rafa’u - from Ibne Abbas that he said: The Messenger of Allah (S) said:

“When I went on ascension I was called: O Muhammad. I replied: Lord of majesty, here am I. The Almighty Allah revealed to me: O Muhammad, what are you apprehensive about in the highest heavens? I said: My God, I don’t know. I was asked: Have you not appointed among men your vizier, brother and successor? I said: O Lord, whom should I appoint as my vizier? Please choose him for me. So the Almighty Allah revealed to me: O Muhammad, Ali is your successor and the inheritor of your knowledge after you.

He is the standard bearer of your Liwa-ul-hamd till the Judgment Day. He is the distributor of water at Kauthar and he will provide drinking water to the believers of your Ummah. Then He said: I Muhammad, I swear by My right that I will not allow the water of this pool for your, your Ahlul Bayt’s and your progeny’s enemies. O Muhammad, I will admit your whole Ummah in Paradise except those who refuse to enter it. I said: O Lord, would anyone refuse to enter Paradise? He replied: Yes. I asked: Why would he refuse? He replied: O Muhammad, I have chosen you among My creatures and after you chosen your successor and made his position in relation to you like the position of Harun with Musa (a.s.) except that there will no prophet after you.

And I have placed his love in your heart and made him the progenitor of your progeny. Thus his right on your Ummah after you is the same as your right on your Ummah during your lifetime. So one who denied his right, denied your right. Whoever denied his guardianship (Wilayat), denied your Wilayat, and whoever denied your Wilayat, he has in fact refused to enter Paradise. Thus I fell down in prostration of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime and thanked for those bounties that Allah had bestowed on me. Then a voice came: Muhammad, raise your head and ask Me so I may give you.

I said: My Lord, gather my whole Ummah on the Wilayat of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) after me so that they meet me at my Pool on Judgment Day. Revelation came: O Muhammad, I have decided about My servants before I created them and My decision has been applied on them. Thus I will destroy whom I like and guide whom I like. Thus after you, I gave your knowledge to him and after you I made him your vizier and caliph on your family and your Ummah, and I have decided [I will surely admit in Paradise one who loves him] and I will not admit to Paradise one who harbors malice for him and is inimical to him.

Thus one who harbors malice to Ali he has harbored malice to you and one who bears malice to you he has borne malice to Me. One who is inimical to him, he has been inimical to you and one who has been inimical to you he has been inimical to me. One who has loved him has loved you and one who has loved you has loved me. I have given this excellence to him and through his loins I will give you eleven guides all of who shall be from Batool. Behind the last of them will pray Isa bin Maryam and he would fill the earth with justice and equity as it would be fraught with injustice and oppression. Through him there will be escape from destruction and salvation from misguidance.

Through him the blind will get sight and the sick will get cure. I said: My Lord, when will his advent be? He replied: When knowledge would have disappeared and ignorance will be widespread. The Quran will be recited in excess and less will be acted on. There will be murders in excess. The rightful jurisprudents will be few and the unscrupulous jurisprudents will be many. Poets will be there in large numbers and your Ummah will make graves a place of prostration. The Quran will be confined in receptacles and mosques will be decorated with gold and silver. There will be oppression and rebellion in excess.

Your Ummah will be exhorted to commit evils and stopped from performing good deeds. Women will satisfy their lusts with women and men with men. The rulers will disbelieve, the saints will transgress and their companions will oppress. Family ties will be severed. There will be eclipse for three days. The first day in East, then in West, then in the Arabian Peninsula. A person from your Ummah will appear and ransack Basra.

The blacks will follow him. A person from the progeny of Husain bin Ali will appear and Dajjal will appear from Sajistan in the East. Sufyani will also appear. I asked: My Lord, after how long would this happen? So Allah told me all about the oppression of Bani Umayyah and Bani Abbas and the trouble that will befall my cousin and all the events that will occur till Qiyamat. When I came down to the earth I mentioned all this to the son of my uncle and conveyed the message. I thank Allah as the prophets have done and everything before me did and like everything He has created will do until the Judgment Day.”

2 - Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq (r.a.): Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hamam: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Mabundaz: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Hilal from Muhammad bin Abi Umair from Mufaddal Ibne Umar from as-Sadiq Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father from his ancestors (a.s.) from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that he said: The Messenger of Allah (S) said:

“When I was taken to the heavens during the ascension (Me’raj) my Lord revealed to me: O Muhammad, I glanced at the earth and selected you from it, and made you the prophet and named you after My name as I am Mahmood and you are Muhammad. Again I glanced at the earth and chose Ali from it and made him your successor and caliph and the husband of your daughter. I named him also after My name. Thus I am the Ali Aala and he is Ali. And I created Fatima, Hasan and Husain from your Noor (light/effulgence).

At that time I presented their Wilayat (Mastership) to the angels so that whoever may accept it, will gain proximity to My court. O Muhammad, if a servant of Mine worships so much that he becomes tired and his body becomes as brittle as musk but he is a denier in their Wilayat, and he comes to Me, I will not accommodate him in My Paradise and not shade him under My Arsh. O Muhammad, would you like to see them? I said: ‘Yes, my Lord!’

The Almighty Allah said: ‘Raise your head.’ So I raised my head and saw the lights of Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husain, Ali bin al-Husain, Muhammad bin Ali, Ja’far bin Muhammad, Musa bin Ja’far, Ali bin Musa, Muhammad bin Ali, Ali bin Muhammad, Hasan bin Ali and Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Qaim. And among them one shone like a brilliant star. I asked: ‘O Lord, who is that?’ He replied, ‘They are the Imams, and he is the Qaim, who will make My lawful, lawful and My unlawful, unlawful. And through him I shall take revenge from My enemies. And he is the source of comfort for My friends.

He is the one who will bestow your Shias and followers, respite from the infidels. And he will bring out Laat and Uzza fresh and burn them up. Indeed the trial and test of the people by him will be much more difficult than the mischief of the Calf and Samari.’”

3 - Narrated to us more than one of our associates: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hamam from Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Malik Fazari: Narrated to me Hasan bin Muhammad bin Sama-a from Ahmad bin Harith: Narrated to me Mufaddal bin Umar from Yunus bin Zabyan from Jabir bin Yazid al-Jofi that he said: I heard Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari say:

“When Allah, Mighty and Glorified be He, revealed upon His Prophet Muhammad (S):

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَطِيعُوا اللَّهَ وَأَطِيعُوا الرَّسُولَ وَأُولِي الْأَمْرِ مِنْكُمْ

O ye who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger and those possessing authority among you1 ,

I said, ‘O Messenger of Allah! We know Allah and His Messenger. But who are the possessors of authority whose obedience Allah has accompanied with your obedience?’ He explained, “They are my caliphs, O Jabir, and the Imams of the Muslims after me. The first of them is Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), then Hasan (a.s.) and Husain (a.s.), then Ali Ibn Husain (a.s.), then Muhammad Ibn Ali (a.s.) the one who is famous as al-Baqir in the Old Testament. Soon, you will meet him, O Jabir, so when you face him, convey my salutation to him. He will be followed by Sadiq, Ja’far Ibn Muhammad, then Musa Ibn Ja’far, then Ali Ibn Musa, then Muhammad Ibn Ali, then Ali Ibn Muhammad, then al-Hasan Ibn Ali, then the one who will be my namesake and bear my agnomen, the proof of Allah in His earth and His remainder among His servants, the son of Hasan Ibn Ali. He (a.t.f.s.) is the one at whose hands Allah, High be His remembrance, will open the east of the earth and its west.

He (a.t.f.s.) is the one who will be concealed from his Shias and his friends, an occultation in which none will be steadfast on the belief of his Imamate except the one whose heart has been tested by Allah for faith.” Jabir says that he asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah (S)! Will the Shias benefit from him during the occultation?’ He replied, “Yes, by the One Who sent me with Prophethood! Surely they will benefit with his light and gain from his mastership in his occultation like the people derive benefit from the sun when the clouds hide it. O Jabir! This is from the hidden secrets of Allah and the treasures of His knowledge, so hide it except from the ones worthy of it.”

Jabir Ibn Yazid recounts: When Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ansari paid a visit to Ali Ibn Husain (a.s.) and was conversing with him, Muhammad Ibn Ali al-Baqir (a.s.) emerged from the ladies room while he was a small boy and a forelock was dropping on his forehead. The moment his eyes fell on him, Jabir trembled all over with every strand of hair on his body being raised in amazement. Jabir stared at him for a long time and then asked, ‘Son! Come forward’, he came forward.

Then he said, ‘Go back’ and he duly obliged. Jabir exclaimed, ‘By the Lord of the Kaaba! His traits are exactly like those of the Prophet (S).’ Jabir stood up and going near him, asked, ‘Son! What is your name?’ He replied, “Muhammad.” ‘Whose son?’ “Ali Ibn Husain” was the response. Jabir queried, ‘Son, may my life be sacrificed for you, are you al-Baqir?’ He replied in the affirmative and said, “Convey to me what you are carrying from the Messenger of Allah (S).” Jabir responded, ‘O my master! The Messenger of Allah (S) gave me glad tidings of survival till I meet you and convey his salutations to you. O my master! The Messenger of Allah (S) conveys salutations to you!’ Abu Ja’far (a.s.) remarked, “O Jabir! May the salutations be on the Messenger of Allah (S) till the heavens and the earth subsist. And may the salutations be on you for conveying the salutations.”

Thereafter, Jabir used to frequent him and learn things from him. Once, Imam Baqir (a.s.) asked him some question. At this, Jabir pleaded, ‘By Allah! I don’t intend to violate the prohibition of Allah’s Messenger (S). For certainly, he has informed me that you are the Imams, the guides from his Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) after him.

The most forbearing of the people in childhood and the most knowledgeable of them in old age. And he warned, “Don’t teach them for they are more knowledgeable than you.” Hearing this, Abu Ja’far (a.s.) retorted, “Indeed my grandfather (S) has spoken the truth. Certainly, I am more informed than you of what I asked you, as I have been granted wisdom in childhood. All this is due to the grace of Allah and His mercy upon us Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).”

4 - Narrated to us Hasan bin Muhammad bin Saeed Hashimi: Narrated to us Furat bin Ibrahim bin Furat Kufi: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ali bin Ahmad Hamdani: Narrated to me Abul Fadl Abbas bin Abdullah Bukhari: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Qasim bin Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr: Narrated to us Abdus Salam bin Salih Harawi from Ali bin Musa ar-Reza (a.s.) from his father Musa bin Ja’far from his father Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father Muhammad bin Ali from his father Ali bin Husain from his father Husain bin Ali from his father Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) that: The Messenger of Allah (S) said:

“The Almighty Allah has not created any creature better than me and there is no one more respectable near Him than me.”

Ali (a.s.) says that he asked, “O Allah’s Messenger, are you better or Jibraeel?” He (the Prophet) replied, “O Ali, the Almighty Allah has given superiority to the Messenger Prophets over His proximate angels and He gave me superiority over all the Messengers and Prophets. And O Ali, after me you and after you the Imams are having superiority over them because the angels of God are our servants and servants of our friends.

O Ali, the bearers of the Arsh and the angels around it praise and glorify their Lord and they pray for the forgiveness of those who believe in your Wilayat (mastership). O Ali, if we hadn’t been there, the Almighty Allah would neither have created His Eminence, Adam (a.s.) nor Her Eminence, Hawwa (a.s.) neither Paradise nor Hell, neither the earth and the sky. And why shouldn’t we be superior to the angels? We have preceded them in praising and glorifying our Lord. It is so because the first creations of Allah were souls and He made us speaking with His unity and magnification.

Then He created the angels. When they saw us with an effulgence (Noor), they considered our affair to be of a great importance. I said: ‘Glory be to Allah’, so that the angels may understand that we are creatures and servants of God. And that the Almighty Allah is more exalted and purified of our qualities. So by our glorification the angels learnt how to glorify Allah and they understood that God is purified and clean of qualities (of the creatures). And when they noticed our greatness and majesty, we said: ‘There is no god except Allah’, so that the angels may understand that there is no one worthy of deification except Allah and that we are the servants of God, we are not partners in His divinity.

Thus they (also) reiterated: ‘There is no god except Allah.’ When the angels realized our greatness we said: ‘Allah is the Greatest’, so that they may understand that God is much greater than that which can be imagined and all the greatness, power and strength is reserved only for God. After that when they saw that Allah has bestowed us with honor and power, we said: ‘There is no power and strength except by Allah, the High and the Great’, so that the angels may understand that there is no power and might except for Allah. Thus the angels also repeated: ‘There is no power and strength except by Allah.’

When they witnessed the bounties that Allah has bestowed on us and that our obedience is made incumbent on all creatures by Him, we said: ‘Al Hamdulillaah’ (Praise be to Allah) so that the angels may know that it is the right of Allah upon us to thank Him for His bounties. So the angels also said: ‘Al Hamdulillaah’. In other words, the angels received guidance through our Barakat, and understood the unity, glorification, praise and magnification of God.

After that Allah created Adam (a.s.) and entrusted our effulgence to his loins and due to our respect and honor ordered the angels to prostrate before him. Their prostration was due to their servitude of God and their respect and honor to His Eminence, Adam (a.s.) was due to His obedience. Because we were in his lions, then why we shouldn’t be superior to the angels, as all of them prostrated before His Eminence, Adam (a.s.)?

And when I was taken to the heavens, His Eminence, Jibraeel (a.s.) recited the Azan and Iqamah twice and told me, ‘O Muhammad go ahead and lead the Prayers’, I said: ‘O Jibraeel, should I take precedence over you?’ ‘Yes’, he replied, ‘because God had given superiority to all prophets over the angels and endowed you with a special excellence’. Thus, I stood in the front and prayed with him. But I do not say this due to pride. After that I reached upto the veil of effulgence and His Eminence, Jibraeel (a.s.) said, ‘Muhammad (S), now you go ahead,’ and he himself remained there. I said, ‘You are leaving me at this juncture?’

He replied, ‘O Muhammad (S) this is the limit that Allah has fixed for me, if I take a step forward my wings will burn down.’ Thus I was put into the ocean of effulgence and I began to swim in the seas of divine lights. Till I reached at that place in the cosmos upto which Allah desired. Then a voice came to me, ‘O Muhammad.’ I said: ‘Here I am My Lord, You are the bestower of honor and dignity.’ ‘Muhammad, you are My servant, My messenger among My creatures, You are My Proof upon My servants.

I have created Paradise for everyone who obeys you and prepared the fire of Hell for all those who oppose you. I have made favors and honor incumbent upon Me for your successors, and made divine rewards incumbent for their Shias.’ I said, ‘My Lord, please introduce my successors to me.’ He said, ‘Your successors are those whose names are inscribed on the empyrean of My throne.’ So I looked and I was before my Lord. I saw twelve lights on the empyrean of the throne. In each light I saw a green line. The names of each of my successors was written in it. The first name was that of Ali Ibne Abi Talib and the last was Mahdi. I asked, ‘O my Lord, are they my successors after me?’ The reply was, ‘Yes, O Muhammad, after you, they are My friends, legatees, the chosen ones and My proof on My servants. They are your successors and Caliphs and the best of Creations after you. By My majesty and glory, I shall reveal My religion through them and I shall exalt My words through them and through the last of them, I shall purify the earth from My enemies.

And I shall make him the absolute master of the whole world. I shall make the wind subservient to his command and I shall make the hard cloud proof for him so that he may ride upon it to go wherever he likes in the sky and the earth and I shall assist him with My armies. And I shall strengthen him with My angels. So that My call is raised and all the creatures gather upon My Oneness.

Thus his rulership would endure and continue and from My friends, I shall make one after the other the leaders of My faith till Qiyamat.

And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds and blessings be upon our prophet, Muhammad and his purified and chaste progeny.’”

  • 1. Surah Nisa 4:59