Kamaaluddin Wa Tamaamun Ni’ma (Perfection of faith and completion of favor)

This book is very penetrating in its subject and exceptional in its domain. No other book excels it in perfection, sweetness and attraction. Though many detailed books are composed on this topic, none is like it in clarity and comprehensiveness. In this book, the author has dealt with the personality of the Hidden Imam (a.s.), his occultation and everything related to him in an analytical and systematic manner. He has supported each of his contentions with the saying of the Infallible Imams (a.s.).

It also contains the debates and discussions with the opponents of Shia faith and provides clarifications of doubts and misunderstandings that haunted some followers of the Imamiyah religion. He has composed detailed refutations of those who deny the Holy Imam (a.s.). He has included in this book all that has been recorded on this subject and which has gained currency among the populace, whether it be authentic or weak, good or not; he has collected all the material that was available to him. But when he is arguing his point he has taken the help of only authentic and excessively narrated (Mutawatir) traditions.

For example after writing about the cases of extremely long age he remarks: These reports are not among those that can be used to prove occultation because the factuality and truth of Ghaibat is proved for us by the traditions of the Holy Prophet (S) and narrational reports of the Holy Imams (a.s.), just as traditions prove the veracity of the faith of Islam, its Shariah and practical laws.

Editions of this Book

This book was published twice in Iran and once in Najaf al-Ashraf. It was also once printed with translation.

The Arabic version from which this book is translated into English was based on seven manuscripts dating from 966 to 1079 A.H. The Arabic editor, Ali Akbar Ghiffari, a very capable scholar has fully checked the text and compared it with various versions and very painstakingly removed all typographical and textual errors that abounded in almost all previous editions of this important book.