Chapter 30: Statements of al-Husain bin Ali (a.s.) regarding the occurrence of Ghaibat

1 - Narrated to us Abdul Wahid bin Muhammad bin Ubdus al-Attar: Narrated to us Abu Amr Kashshi: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Masud: Narrated to us Ali bin Muhammad bin Shuja from Muhammad bin Isa from Muhammad bin Abi Umair from Abdur Rahman bin Hajjaj from as-Sadiq Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father Muhammad bin Ali from his father Ali bin Husain (a.s.) that he said: Husain Ibne Ali (a.s.) said:

“In my ninth descendant there will be a similarity to Prophet Yusuf (a.s.) and a similarity to Prophet Musa bin Imran (a.s.). And he is the Qaim of us, Ahlul Bayt. Allah, the Mighty and the High will reform his circumstances overnight.”

2 -Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Ishaq Muazi (r.a.): Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad Hamdani Kufi: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Musa bin Furat: Narrated to us Abdul Wahid bin Muhammad: Narrated to us Sufyan: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Zubair from Abdullah bin Shareek from a man of Hamadan that he said: I heard Al-Husain bin Ali (a.s.) that he said:

“The Mahdi of this nation is my ninth descendant. He would have an occultation and he is the one whose inheritance shall be divided during his lifetime.”

3 - Narrated to us Ahmad bin Ziyad bin Ja’far Hamdani: Narrated to us Ali bin Ibrahim bin Hashim from his father from Abdus Salam bin Salih Harawi that he said: Informed us Waki bin Jarrah from Rabi bin Saad from Abdur Rahman bin Salit that he said: Husain Ibne Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) said:

“From us there are twelve Mahdis, the first of whom is Amirul Momineen Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) and the last of whom is my ninth descendant. And he is truly the Imam al-Qaim. Allah will enliven the earth after its death through him. And through him triumph His religion over all the religions even if the polytheists may dislike this. There will be occultation for him during which communities will apostize but others will remain steadfast on religion. They will be tortured and told: If you are true when will this promise be fulfilled? Know that one who observes patience during those tribulations will be like one who fights the holy war under the command of the Messenger of Allah (S).”

4 - Narrated to us Ali bin Muhammad bin Hasan Qazwini: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Abdullah Hadhrami: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Yahya al-Hawl: Narrated to us Khallad Muqri from Qais bin Abi Hus’ain from Yahya bin Thaab from Abdullah bin Umar that he said: I heard Husain Ibne Ali (a.s.) say:

“Even if only a day remains from the tenure of the world, Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, would prolong it enough to allow a man from my progeny to appear. Then he would fill up the earth with justice and equity just as it would be fraught with injustice and oppression.” The narrator says: I heard the Holy Prophet (S) say the same.”

5 - Narrated to us my father (r.a.): Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar: Narrated to us Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Malik: Narrated to me Hamadan bin Mansur from Saad bin Muhammad from Isa Khashshab that he said:

“I asked Husain bin Ali (a.s.): Are you the master of this affair? He replied: ‘No, the master of the affair is that same ‘Tareed’ and ‘Shareed’1 who is the motor and revenger for his father, who is having the patronymic of his uncle and who would carry his sword on his shoulders for eight months.”

  • 1. Tareed and Shareed are titles of our Master, His Eminence Hujjat (a.s.).