Chapter 53: Shaqqul Kahin

Narrated to us Ahmad bin Yahya Mukattib (r.a.): Narrated to us Abu Tayyab Ahmad bin Muhammad Warraq from Muhammad bin Hasan bin Duraid Azdi Omani from Ahmad bin Isa Abu Bashir Aqili from Abu Hatim from Abu Qubaisah from Ibne Kalbi from his father who heard from the elders of Bajila that:

“They had not seen anyone more courteous, dignified and handsome (than Shaqul Kahin). They have informed that Shaqul Kahin lived for three hundred years. When the time of his death arrived, the people of his community gathered around him and said, “Please give us some advice because now your last moments have arrived.”

He said, “O people! All of you remain united. Do not break relations and remain ahead of one another and do not remain behind. Behave nicely with your relatives. Fulfill your duties. Appoint an intelligent man as your leader. Honor one who is going to provide salvation. Respect elders. Disgrace the wicked. Remain forbearing during the time of seriousness. Do not destroy your good deeds with ostentation.

After you overpower your enemy, forgive him. When you are wary, sign a peace treaty and when you are deceived, do a favor. Obey elders and be the first to invite towards goodness in case of enmity because reaching the end in enmity is such an injury, which is difficult to be healed. Do not taunt anyone’s relation.

Do not point out the faults of others. Do not marry your daughters with one who is not your equal because it is great mistake and a cause of disgrace. Behave softly because oppressiveness leads to disgrace and earns condemnation. Remaining patient is more profitable than taking revenge. Satisfaction is the greatest wealth.

People are slaves of pride and avariciousness. Destruction sits along with them. Their mounts are souls of a being, which would make them cry and ashamed. They are such examples whose sleepy eyes have the hope of gaining wealth and fear (of destruction) of their wealth.”

Then he said, “What kind of advice is this? That is full of sweetness and eloquence when it should have been very strict and strong and the mine of advice is not common for all.” Then he died.

The author says: Our opponents narrate many such traditions and prove their truthfulness. They also narrate a tradition about Shaddad bin Aad bin Iram that he lived for nine hundred years. Also, they narrate characteristics of his paradise that it is on this earth but hidden from the eyes of people. They reject Qaim of progeny of Muhammad (a.t.f.s.) only because of their hatred towards right and rightful people and they reject the traditions narrated about him.