أ، ع, U

`Ulama or Ulema or `Ulema علماء: plural of `alim, scholar-theologian, learned, knowledgeable in Islam

Umma or Ummah أمه: nation, group of people, a community. It is used in reference to the community of Believers

Umm al-Mu'mineen or Um al-Mu'mineen أم المؤمنين: “mother of the Believers” or of the faithful. This was the title of each of the Prophet's wives; (Sura 33 Ayah 6 stipulated that they could not marry after the Prophet's death because all of the believers were their spiritual children).

Umra عمره: minor pilgrimage; pilgrimage to Mecca during any time other than the prescribed (first ten) days of the month of Thul-Hijja

Urf عرف: custom, radition, social usage; عرف سائد : prevailing custom; عرف عام: general custom; عرف متوطد: established custom; مهنه :عرف trade usage

Urwa عروه: tie, link, bond

Usool or Usul أصول: the basics of jurisprudence

Uzza عزى: a chief goddess according to the beliefs of pre-Islamic Arabs, i.e. during the days of jahiliyya