Since khums is an issue with which a Shi`ah Muslim is faced at least once in a year, the need for a simple and, at the same time, comprehensive book on this subject has been felt in our community since a long time. And therefore, when this booklet was published in 1984 in Vancouver, it was, al-hamdu lil-lah, very well received.

In 1990, I revised and expanded the previous editions. A few pages were added dealing with the verse of khums (in Chapter One), and also the usage of khums during the days of the Prophet and the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (in Chapter Four). These additions will give the reader a brief look into the history of khums. Obviously, the size and purpose of the booklet did not allow me to deal with this aspect of khums comprehensively. A chapter has also been added at the end to express my thoughts about some of the moral and "political" sides of khums.

Finally, some practical issues related to khums were also added in Chapter Two for those who live in the West.

I hope this edition proves more useful to the members of our community.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa bi 'l-Lah.

S.M. Rizvi
Toronto, Canada
Dhu 'l-Qa`dah 1412
May 1992