As long as the powers of corruption, evil and deviation try the best to raise stumbling blocks to close the path of the mission with obstacles; therefore the Divine Will has determined the necessity of al-Hujjah,1 who will fix the truth and spread justice allover the world to achieve the aims of the prophets and the messengers of Allah and to realize the hopes of persecuted and oppressed people.

Yes! It is the long-sought hope. It is the expected Mahdi; the natural extract of all the successive Divine Missions and the fruit of all the efforts of the prophets and their guardians. May our souls be the sacrifice for his coming!

This little work before the great blessing of Him is not but as evidence of belongingness. We pray Allah the Almighty to light our eyes with seeing him and to gift us with the great grace by virtue of him!


  • 1. It means proof or authority. It refers to Imam al-Mahdi (aj).