Before Al-Hajjaj

Kumayl's face was bright. His beard was white. His heart was certain.

Kumayl came into al-Hajjaj's palace. He saw al-Hajjaj sitting and his guards standing around him. He saw a headsman carrying a sword.

Kumayl knew that al-Hajjaj would kill him, for Imam Ali had told him about that.

Paying no attention to al-Hajjaj, Kumayl said:

My master, Imam Ali [a] has told me that you will kill me. Allah's enemy, do whatever you like! And know that Judgement Day will be after killing.

Al-Hajjaj said:

Disown Ali to save your soul.

Kumayl said:

Show me a religion better than Ali's.

Al-Hajjaj ordered the headsman to behead Kumayl.