The Beginning

Our Master Muhammad [s] said:

I'm the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate.

Imam Ali [a] was a great scholar. He said:

Allah's Apostle has taught me a thousand doors of knowledge. Each door leads to a thousand doors.

He also said:

The Zakat (alms) of knowledge is to publish it.

So, Imam Ali [a] taught his companion whatever they wanted. One day, he took Kumayl with him outside Kufa. It was night. The sky was full of stars. Northern fresh breeze was blowing.

Imam Ali [a] said to his companions: Kumayl, these hearts are containers (of knowledge). The best of them are those that best preserve knowledge. Therefore, preserve what I say to you:

There are three classes of people. The first class knows Allah. The second learns knowledge as means of salvation. And the third is rabble: followers of every crier, who bend with every breeze. These men do not seek to be illuminated by the light of learning, nor do they resort to any authority.

Kumayl, knowledge is better than wealth. Knowledge guards you while you guard wealth. Wealth is diminished by expenditure while knowledge is increased even by giving it away.

Kumayl, those who amass wealth die even as they live while those who have knowledge will continue to exist for as long as time lasts.