Table of Contents

A Note to Teachers

In the Name of God, The Merciful, the Compassionate

1. The lessons presented here have to be nourished, in general, with historic examples and interesting stories which relate to the contemporary world.

2. The lessons should be given with help from the students through questions and answers, either individually or collectively.

3. The verse of the Holy Quran which relates to each lesson should be written on the blackboard and the translation of the verse should be word by word so that it becomes a basis for understanding the Quran. If one of the students can recite well, he should do so and the others recite after him.

4. It is not necessary that one lesson be finished in a session. It may take two sessions.

5. The phrases in each lesson contain certain particularities which the teacher should study, with care, before the lesson, and, at the time of the lesson, emphasis should be placed upon them.

6. Considering giving a prize to those who pass the exam or who memorize the verse and its translation well and who can recite it in class, is very good.