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The main focus of this book is on the path that leads to happiness of human beings throughout history, the path that the Creator opened up in front of humanity by creating the world and appointing as prophet the perfect human being and the best example of servitude to God. Thus, Allah the Exalted presented human beings with the ultimate proof. The numerous clear signs, which signified the auspicious birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (S), testify to this truth.

The Seal of Prophets (S), whose role as prophet and savior had been mentioned in earlier divine scriptures, was famous for chivalry, purity and honesty even before Be’that. The people of his time believed that he was trustworthy and such a reputation in that era, which has been rightly described as the era of old Jahiliyya, is indicative of the high position of the Holy Prophet (S). And after he had been appointed as prophet, he said: “I have been appointed as prophet to complete moral virtues.”

The Holy Prophet of Islam (S) who by Allah’s grace, was not a follower of any human school of thought and had only been educated by God through divine revelations became a teacher for all humanity in order to teach lessons in ethics, generosity, forgiveness, Jihad, pride, resistance, chivalry and other such things, in order to liberate humanity from oppression, ignorance, humiliation and injustice, in order to teach knowledge and wisdom, self-purification and ethics, and justice and equity to mankind, in order to build a utopia through righteous people, not in the minds of intellectuals or poets but in the real world. For this reason, the Holy Prophet (S) has been and will be the teacher of all virtues, including justice, human values, knowledge, brotherhood, growth, perfection and constant progress.

Unfortunately, in the contemporary era, human communities are suffering from more substantial and tragic Jahiliyya in spite of all the undeniable progress that they have made in material aspects of life. Modern and adorned Jahiliyya has distorted all truths through the use of the most advanced instruments and media outlets, thereby deceiving, dominating and abusing the souls of human beings.

This modern Jahiliyya would naturally be the main enemy of the Holy Prophet (S) and his liberating messages. It is for this reason that over the recent decades and particularly after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which succeeded in creating a glimmer of hope in the hearts of Muslims and even all the people who have been oppressed by the arrogant powers and modern Jahiliyya, through implementing the Holy Prophet’s (S) revitalizing prescription the arrogant powers intensified their attacks against the personality of the Seal of Prophets (S) and they produced and published disgraceful works in the form of novels, films, caricatures and other such things.

However, Allah the Exalted had ordained that these disgraceful acts and attacks should prove counterproductive for their perpetrators. After these attacks, the people of different countries have developed more enthusiasm for familiarity with the spiritual personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S). Also, the enemies themselves have reluctantly admitted that the tendency towards Islam has increased dramatically among the dominated nations and even among the people of the arrogant countries. What proof can be clearer than this?

All these events are the signs of the divine promise that the perfect prescription for saving humanity which was bestowed on human beings as a result of Be’that of the Seal of Prophets (S) will be implemented in the not too distant future not just in a particular region but throughout the world and the rule of Islamic justice will be established by the last infallible Imam, the Imam of the Age (may God hasten his re-appearance).

The existence of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) has been the most important source of unity in all Islamic eras and he can still be a source of unity. The reason is that Muslims' faith in him is accompanied by love and affection. Therefore, the Holy Prophet (S) is the focal point and the pivot of Muslim emotions and beliefs, and this is one of the factors that create feelings of closeness among Muslims as well as among Islamic denominations.