Delineating current conditions of Muslims and calling the

Islamic Ummah to unity

The issue of Muslim unity is what I would like to discuss today with you outstanding personalities of the Islamic Ummah. Today the world of Islam and the Islamic Ummah are faced with great problems. Of course, many of these problems have been caused by Muslims themselves. We were negligent and lazy and because of our selfishness and greed for worldly wealth, we failed to follow the path of the Islamic Ummah towards the peak of human perfection.

We need to repent and follow this path. However, there is no doubt that in the recent eras, a major portion of Muslims' backwardness, afflictions and problems have been caused by the unjust global order. The current global system is based on domination. It is a system that relies on coercion. It is not a system that is suitable for human beings. It is suitable for the jungle.

Take a look at the conditions of the world of Islam. For many years, we have been remembering the issue of Palestine as a deep wound in the body of the Islamic Ummah and today the issue of Iraq has been added to it. Notice what powerful people are doing by relying on force and coercion. They disguise all the irrational and wrong proposals as defendable and reasonable proposals by resorting to coercion and to weapons and financial power, and they promote and implement them in the world. They openly do the things that are considered as crimes by all nations of the world.

Sometimes they choose beautiful names for their actions in order to save face, while they know that nobody will believe them. Some other times they do not even choose beautiful names to disguise their actions. The usurping Zionist regime openly announces that it is assassinating outstanding Palestinian personalities, and the American government supports it openly and officially. These are the conditions of the current global system.

Fighting terror has become a pretext for the arrogant American government to use force and coercion. However, acts of terror are openly promoted as legitimate actions by the Americans, and leaders of the Zionist regime are committing acts of terror openly. All of these things are being done by relying on force and weapons. Military occupation of Iraq and the humiliation of the great and cultured Iraqi nation is an international crime, but they did it openly in the name of human rights and defending democracy and freedom.

This is while nobody in the world believes them because the behavior of the occupation forces in Iraq shows the opposite of what they are claiming and it is obvious that they have no respect for the Iraqi people’s right to elect a government. They choose whoever they want and install them in positions of power. They pass laws and punish and even execute those who break their laws, without trying them in a court of law. Pay attention to what is happening in Iraq. These are the conditions of the Islamic Ummah.

The Islamic Ummah is the target of transgression by the global powers and they consider committing all kinds of crimes against us as justified simply because the Islamic Ummah is located in a rich region, simply because the wheels of civilization are powered by the numerous resources that are located in this part of the world. These are the conditions of the Islamic Ummah. Is the Islamic Ummah incapable of defending itself in the face of this high-handed transgression? The answer is: we can defend ourselves.

We have many instruments to defend our rights and our existence. We have a massive population. We have great sources of wealth. We have outstanding personalities and spiritual assets that enable us to stand up against the domineering powers. We have a great cultural and civilizational background which is exceptional in the world. We have many facilities. Therefore, we are capable of defending ourselves. But why do we fail to do so? Why do we fail to take action? The reason is that we are not unified and we have been separated from each other under different pretexts. The massive and well-equipped army of the Islamic Ummah has been divided into small groups whose only concern is fighting, intimidating, attacking and threatening other groups of Muslims. It is obvious that this army will prove ineffective in such conditions.

Today it is time for the world of Islam to revise certain things and to think seriously about the issue of unity. Today the danger that is posed by America in our region does not just threaten one or two countries. It threatens all countries in the region. The Zionist capitalists behind the American government will not feel satisfied with occupying only one part of our region. They openly announce that they want to occupy the entire region. “The Greater Middle East” has no other meaning. From fifty-something years ago when the usurping Zionist regime was established and from around one hundred years ago when this idea formed among westerners and Europeans, the intention has been to swallow up the entire region. This is what they need to do.

They do not care about the people of this region. Everybody is exposed to danger. When everybody is in danger, the wisest thing to do is to join hands and counter the danger. We seriously demand and recommend that Muslim governments and peoples think about and work on this issue. Of course, this involves some trouble and there are certain requirements that have to be met.

Of course, the enemy will not remain idle and they will use the old instruments of fomenting discord. He will make use of ethnic, sectarian and tribal differences and they will highlight the issues that Islam has emphatically warned against highlighting. Islam has stressed that ethnicity is not the standard for determining the identity of a person.

“Surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you most careful (of his duty).” 1

Islam has stressed that Muslims should treat each other in a brotherly way. It has not referred to followers of a particular Islamic denomination such as Shia or Sunni Islam, rather it has said that all Muslims

“are but brethren”. 2

Islam has said that anybody who has faith in this Book, in this religion and in this Qiblah is a believer and that all the people who share this faith are brothers. This is what Islam has told us. However, we hide daggers behind our backs in order to sink them into the heart of our religious brothers. And in all areas, there are people who are at fault. It is necessary to confront and stop such people.

Today the Islamic Ummah requires unity in order to survive, achieve glory and salvation, and raise the flag of Islam. What logical grounds are there to put up a resistance against these issues in order to give rise to discord? Unity is more important than all other necessities and priorities. Why do we fail to understand the necessity of Muslim unity? We are shouldering a heavy responsibility and this juncture is a sensitive juncture.

If the enemies manage to use their power to occupy this region, the world of Islam will be forced to regress another one hundred years, just like what happened during the era of colonialism. If such a thing happens, the gap between the Islamic Ummah and the modern industrial world will widen by another one hundred years. Today we are responsible in this regard. Today governments, outstanding personalities, experts and cultural and religious personalities are responsible in this regard.

All of us are responsible as far as unity of the Islamic world is concerned. Among the most important things that our magnanimous Imam (r.a) used to stress from before the Islamic Revolution to the last days of his life, was unity of the Islamic Ummah and the need to avoid magnifying trivial issues. And today we see that his recommendations are very wise and appropriate. 3

The formation of the Islamic Ummah with its special and unique characteristics was one of the blessings of this divine appointment. The Islamic Ummah is not defined as merely a group of Muslims gathering around an ideological pivot, but the Ummah, as it was designed by the Holy Prophet based on Quranic teachings, means a group of Muslims who are endowed with knowledge, morality, wisdom and justness. The outcome of such qualities is the attainment of mankind to the peak of perfection. The Ummah, which is the manifestation of Islamic training and upbringing, was founded by the Holy Prophet of Islam under the most adverse circumstances.

Following his divine appointment, when Prophet Muhammad (peace and greetings be upon him and his infallible household) voiced the call for monotheism, the world had been plunged into oppression, immorality, disbelief and all kinds of corruption. The Holy Prophet (S) performed this great task in a miraculous manner over a period of thirteen years. After that period, the first cornerstones of the Islamic Ummah were laid in Medina.

The factors that turned this rather small Muslim community in Medina into the great and powerful Islamic Ummah in the 4th and 5th century A.H. were firm belief, clear and comprehensive teachings and precepts, strong will and resolve as well as incessant striving and perseverance. These were the main factors that changed the few-thousand strong Muslim community in Medina during the first years after Hegira into a great and powerful community and an abundant source of knowledge and wisdom in the world in the 4th and 5th century A.H.

Later, in the course of its numerous ups and downs, whenever the Muslim Ummah neglected the lofty Islamic teachings, it experienced defeat and regression. Whenever it disregarded knowledge, morality, spirituality, dignity, unity and, above all, justice, it failed to make progress and suffered retrogression and decline, so much so that the aggressive and expansionist powers managed to dismember the Muslim Ummah, pit Muslim nations against one another, dominate them and plunder their resources.

The current wave of Islamic Awakening and the comprehensive attacks of the arrogant powers against Muslim nations

In the contemporary era, the return to Islamic teachings and awakening of Muslim nations began some decades ago and the banner of monotheism was once again raised. This movement culminated in the establishment of the Islamic Republic in this sensitive part of the Islamic world.

Our Islamic government has infused Muslim nations with a sense of dignity and Islamic identity.
Today we are facing the same challenge that was experienced by the Muslim Ummah in the past. A full-scale war has currently been waged against Muslim nations in order to suppress their Islamic movement and awakening. The arrogant and aggressive powers, which are coveting the vast natural resources of the Islamic world - this is even acknowledged by themselves, have waged the war on the pretext of promoting freedom and democracy, but they actually intend to subvert Islam, which is the main factor contributing to the dignity of the Muslim Ummah, and conquer all centers of resistance, so that there may be no obstacle to the expansionist powers in the region.

Whenever Muslim nations showed weakness and did not act firmly, the enemies were encouraged to move forward and gain ground. Today different parts of the Islamic world like Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from afflictions and disasters. Many Islamic countries are being threatened by the arrogant and aggressive powers. By clinging to Islam, Muslim nations will be able to overcome their weaknesses; they will be able to resist their enemies. What the Islamic world urgently needs today is unity.

The hearts of Muslims is filled with grief and sorrow over the crimes and atrocities that are being committed by the arrogant powers and enemies of Islam in Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan. The Islamic states should try to utilize this deep and bitter grief as a concentrated force against the enemies of Islam. 4

I would like to express my congratulations on the auspicious birthday anniversary of Seal of Prophets, Muhammad al-Mustafa (peace be upon him and his household), and the auspicious birthday anniversary of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (greetings be upon him) to you the esteemed audience, the dear guests and ambassadors of Islamic countries, and to the entire Iranian nation and members of the great Islamic Ummah throughout the world.

This birthday anniversary has provided us with an occasion to promote unity among Muslims. Therefore, the auspicious week spanning Rabi'-ul-Awwal 12-17 has been named “Unity Week”. The main reason is that unity among Muslim nations is one the most urgent necessities of the Islamic Ummah at all times. Besides, the standard and pivot of Islamic unity is the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) and his memory.

The rational responsibility of the Islamic Ummah to create Muslim unity

Much has been said about unity. If only part of what we have said had been put into practice, the fate of Muslim nations would be better than it currently is. There are naturally certain elements such as ethnic and tribal disputes, religious and political differences that are harmful to unity and it is necessary to counter these elements. Efforts should be made to overcome these differences by relying on the memory of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S). However, it is more difficult to overcome the causes of discord that are injected into the Islamic Ummah.

As a result of these ethnic, tribal and sectarian disputes, the enemies of Islam pursue their usual policies and create discord among Muslims. We can clearly see that the plots and machinations of the enemies are behind most of these differences and disputes and it is necessary to do something to resolve this problem. The scholars and intellectuals of all Islamic sects and schools of thought are expected to prevent these waves of Fitna which are fueled by the enemies of Islam from undermining tranquility, affection and sense of brotherhood among Muslim nations.

The Holy Qur'an has called on us Muslims to remain united. It has warned us that our honor, identity and power will be at stake if we lose our unity and solidarity.

Unfortunately, today in the Islamic world certain problems exist which stem from the lack of due attention to the issue of Islamic unity and brotherhood. Today, the enemies of Islam are hatching various plots against the Muslim Ummah. The Islamic awakening of Muslim nations has alarmed the enemies, prompting them to increase their divisive machinations and hatch more complicated plots aimed at fomenting rifts and conflicts in the Islamic world. The arrogant powers that are casting a covetous eye on Islamic countries and interfering in the internal affairs of Islamic states are opposed to and worried about the unity of the Muslim Ummah.

Muslims constitute nearly 1.5 billion of the world's population. The abundant natural resources and great cultural heritage of Muslim nations as well as their talented and efficient manpower, the vast market created by their population for Western products and their precious oil and gas have made the expansionist and domineering powers desirous of dominating the Islamic world. But the Islamic unity poses an insurmountable obstacle to the enemies of Islam and their machinations. This is why the enemies are making every effort to remove this obstacle.

The establishment of an Islamic government in Iran and the raising of the banner of monotheism in this country, which is located in an important and sensitive region, infused other Muslim nations with a sense of awakening and self-confidence and made them hopeful of their fate and future. This awakening and self-confidence has prompted the enemies to hatch intricate plots against Muslim nations.

Today, we are facing numerous plots and machinations. The enemies are opposed to the entire Islamic world; they are opposed to the presence of Islam on the global scene. They are opposed to Islamic teachings and principles. The president of the United States has openly talked about a crusade against Muslims. The propaganda machinery of the U.S. and Zionists is constantly disseminating venomous propaganda with the intention of creating divisions among Islamic countries.

The enemies of Islam are intellectually incapable of offering a school of thought that will be able to present attractive and noble ideas, a school of thought that will appeal to Muslim intellectuals and scholars. Thus, in order to cover up this intellectual handicap and to attract ignorant individuals, the enemies of Islam have raised the banner of supporting human rights and countering terrorism. But the reality on the ground indicates that the United States and Zionists are themselves in the forefront of trampling on human rights, as they have committed the most human rights violations and hurt the feelings of nations across the world.

Which regime has treated a nation as brutally as the Zionist regime has done? Which arrogant power has treated Muslim nations as arrogantly as the United States is doing today? Presently, the enemies have focused their negative propaganda on the Islamic Republic, since the most valorous defenders of Islam are in this country, and the interests of the arrogant powers are imperiled here more than anywhere else. However, the ultimate goal of the enemies is not the Islamic Republic, as they are seeking to dominate the entire Islamic world.

If Muslim nations do not take the threats posed by the arrogant powers seriously and offer no resistance to their plots, no country in the Islamic world, from Africa to the Middle East and to East Asia, will be immune from their aggression and encroachment. This is a warning to the Islamic world.

Today Muslim scholars, intellectuals, statesmen, writers and orators shoulder a heavy responsibility for exposing and foiling the intricate and malignant plots of the arrogant powers against Islam and Muslims.

The real might and strength of the arrogant powers is less than the power that they pretend to have. Once they made every effort to prevent the establishment of the Islamic Republic. But the Islamic Republic has been thriving for the past twenty-six years. By the grace of Allah, we have made steady progress over all these years.

The arrogant powers pretend to wield great might and strength in order to terrorize other nations. But they wield no real power, and they mostly exaggerate their might. Today, the United States has bogged down in Iraq and also in Afghanistan.

The Islamic world is potentially powerful. The scholars, intellectuals and statesmen of Islamic countries are entrusted with a heavy duty.

They should try to raise the morale of Muslims and make them confident of their power, encourage them to boost their innate power with knowledge, wisdom and prudence and to resist the bullying and intimidation of the arrogant powers. Almighty Allah has promised: "Those who are with God, God is with them.” 5

“And (as for) those who strive hard for Us, We will most certainly guide them in Our ways, and Allah is most surely with the doers of good." 6

Almighty Allah will surely extend His guidance and assistance to those who strive in His way. The late magnanimous Imam Khomeini taught this lesson to the Iranian nation in words and in practice. The Iranian people observed the results of this lesson, and the world witnessed the triumph of our nation.

We have no doubt in the Quranic promise that:

Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers on the earth, as He made rulers those before them, and that He will most certainly establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them." 7

We are sure the divine promise in the above verse is an inviolable promise and will certainly be fulfilled, provided that Muslims show perseverance and firmness, keep on the right path, adhere to their goals, preserve their unity and trust in Almighty Allah. 8

The Day of Be’that: An Eid for the entire humanity

Mab'ath should be celebrated by all human beings, not just by Muslims. The birthday of any prophet and the anniversary of the appointment of any prophet as the messenger of Allah is a celebration for the entire humanity. Each of the divine prophets guided mankind on the path to human perfection, knowledge, morality and justice. The intellectual progress of mankind in the course of history has resulted from the teachings and instructions of prophets.

All divine prophets tried to promote moral values and virtues, monotheism and servitude to the Almighty among human beings. They tried to teach mankind how to live a pious life and tread the path to the peak of human perfection.

The Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him and his infallible household), is the last one of divine prophets. His divine message, which is the ultimate message, will be the beacon of guidance for the entire humanity forever.

We Muslims should value this divine blessing highly. We should ponder over and try to learn from the great event of Mab'ath. We should use our bright and glorious past as a beacon to illuminate the difficult path that extends before us into the future.

Realities of the contemporary world and the need to pay attention to them: Islamic Awakening

Today, there are several undeniable realities in the world. The first reality is the Islamic awakening of Muslim nations. Nobody can dispute this reality. Muslims throughout the world, whether they live in Islamic countries or in countries where they are in minority, are exhibiting a strong inclination toward Islam. They are experiencing Islamic awakening and the revival of their Islamic identity. The intellectuals of the Islamic world, who have become disenchanted with socialism and Western schools of thought and ideology, are presently studying Islam and trying to find remedies for the afflictions of mankind in the Islamic teachings.

The present tendency toward Islam in the Muslim Ummah has been unprecedented for the past few centuries. Following the wide-scale political and cultural domination of Islamic countries by Western and Eastern blocs for several decades, Muslim youngsters are now turning to Islam and its teachings and precepts. This is a reality which is even acknowledged by Westerners and the world's arrogant powers. They have often said that if free elections are held in any Islamic country, those who believe in Islam and seek to promote Islamic values and principles will be elected by the people.

Today, there is contradiction between the Western countries' claims of supporting democracy and what they are doing in practice. On the one hand, they have raised the flag of democracy and are claiming to support democratic governments. On the other hand, they are expressing unwillingness to raise the banner of democracy in the Islamic world in its real sense and promote free elections.

The reason is that they know those supporting Islam and seeking to enforce Islamic principles will be elected and take political power in any Islamic country in which free elections are held.

Presently, Western countries, the United States and Western policy-makers, Zionists and Western capitalists know very well that the great movement of the Palestinian people has stemmed from their inclination toward Islam. It is Islam which has formed the pivot of Palestinian movement and infused courage and resistance in the Palestinian nation. Whenever a nation is characterized by this spirit, no power, however politically or militarily strong it may be, would be able to crush and subdue that nation.

This is something which they have understood very well, and the events of the Islamic world all bear witness to this reality. Today, the Islamic awakening, or rather the Islamic movement, of Muslim nations is a clear truth and an undeniable reality.

The second reality is that the arrogant powers are the enemies of the Islamic awakening of Muslim nations and their pursuit of liberty, and the reason is also quite clear. The reason is that Islam is opposed to the submission of Muslims to domination, to the dependence of Muslims on outside powers, to scientific and technological backwardness, which has been imposed on Islamic countries for many years, and to blindly imitating other nations. Islamic teachings and principles run counter to the colonial and hegemonic policies of Western countries and arrogant powers, the policies which have been enforced toward the Islamic world over the past couple of centuries.

Today also, these powers are trying to further their self-defined interests in this region. Islamic awakening is posing an obstacle to their goals and aspirations. This is why they are making every effort to suppress this Islamic awakening through various political and propaganda means.

Presently, arrogant powers are applying all kinds of propaganda tools and stratagems against Islam. You can see how intricate and extensive is the campaign which Western countries have launched against Islam and Muslims both in the United States and in Europe. They are also utilizing all kinds of artistic means that are at their disposal to achieve this evil objective. The intense enmity of arrogant powers toward Islam is revealed by their hostile cultural, political and military acts against Muslims. This is also another indisputable reality of the present world.

The third reality, which is known by all but denied by many, is that the Islamic awakening of Muslim nations is not represented by those who are engaged in acts of terrorism in the Islamic world. Those who are committing crimes in Iraq, acting against Muslims in the Islamic world in the name of Islam and making every effort to foment schism among Muslims and pit the Shia and the Sunni against one another are not representing Islamic Awakening.

The arrogant powers know this very well. Those who are trying to portray these reactionary and terrorist groups to western nations as representing Islam know that this is not the case. Islam is the religion of thought, wisdom, contemplation, insight and new ideas. It is the religion which has given rise to the present awakening of Muslim nations, the religion which has offered remedies for the afflictions of mankind.

Another reality of the present world is that Western countries, despite all their attempts, have not been able to suppress the Islamic awakening of Muslims. They have been spreading negative propaganda in various Islamic regions against Islam, the Islamic Republic of Iran, prominent Islamic leaders and reformists and against Islamic tenets and precepts. They have hired so many mercenaries to insult Islam and cast aspersions on Islamic principles. They have utilized their propaganda apparatus and mass media in an amazing manner.

They have also applied military and economic levers against Muslim nations. But so far, they have achieved no success. Muslim youngsters in Islamic countries have expressed the greatest inclination toward Islamic thought and ideology. This strong enthusiasm for and devotion to Islam is getting deeper and stronger in the hearts of Muslims as time goes by.

Muslim nations should become completely aware of these realities. They should realize that the Islamic world can protect its interests only through unity pivoting on Islam and by putting up strong resistance to the hegemonic goals and colonial objectives of the enemies and arrogant powers. The main objective pursued by arrogant powers is to obliterate the national and religious identity of Muslims in the Islamic world, especially in the Middle East. Unity and solidarity among Muslim nations, adhering to and promoting Islam and standing up to the bullying and blackmail on the part of the United States and other arrogant powers is the only way to foil the enemies. Today, the United States has a dishonorable and stigmatized character in the eyes of the world public.

Through their actions, U.S. officials have trampled on their mottos and slogans. Today, because of the insecurity in Iraq and U.S. pressure on the Iraqi nation, blind and unconditional U.S. support for bloodthirsty Zionists, crimes committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan and U.S. pressure on Islamic governments, the United States has an ugly and abominable face in the eyes of Muslim nations. The Islamic world is capable of standing up to this covetous power, and it should do so. Today, in order to protect their interests, Muslim nations have no alternative but to stand firm against the United States.

Islamic governments should rely on the deep-rooted identity of the Muslim Ummah in order to be able to perform their historic duties and safeguard the interests of their nations. They should explicitly defend the Palestinian nation and call for the full independence of Iraq and entrusting the affairs of that country to the Iraqi nation. They should support the Afghan nation and other Muslim nations in Europe, Asia and Africa, and they should try to enforce Islamic tenets and Qur'anic precepts in their countries.

Islamic countries should consolidate their cordial ties, be honest with each other, promote concord and cooperation among themselves and help each other. If they do so, the Muslim Ummah will be able to free itself from the arrogant powers' yoke and repel the threats posed by these powers to the Islamic world. 9

At the present juncture, the memory and sacred name of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) is more alive than ever. This is one of the prudent measures and hidden favors of Almighty Allah. Today, the Muslim Ummah and the Iranian nation are, more than ever, in need of the guidance, glad tidings, warnings, message and spirituality of their Holy Prophet (S) and the mercy that he taught to human beings. Today, the Holy Prophet's (S) lesson to his Ummah and the entire humanity is a lesson in becoming knowledgeable and strong.

It is a lesson in morality, generosity, mercy, Jihad, honor and resistance. Thus, this year's name is naturally the blessed name of the Holy Prophet (S). In the light of this blessed name and memory, the Iranian people are expected to review the Holy Prophet's (S) lessons and apply them to their everyday lives.

The Iranian people feel proud of being disciples of Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his immaculate household) and of acting upon his lessons. Our nation has raised the flag of Islam in the Muslim world with firmness and strength. It has tolerated hardships and witnessed the success resulting from presence on this scene of dignity and honor. By the grace of Allah, greater success is in store for the Iranian nation.

We should try to be guided in our everyday lives by the Holy Prophet's (S) lessons in morality, honor, mercy, generosity and unity and lesson in obtaining knowledge. Today, a government determined to serve the public, a nation full of hopes and ready to make great efforts and talented and enthusiastic youngsters are present on the scene of our homeland. This augurs very well for the future of our country and nation.

I pray to Almighty Allah to make the immaculate soul of the Holy Prophet (S) contented with us and bestow increased blessings on the prophet of mercy and honor and on his Ummah, make the sacred heart of His Holiness Imam of the Age - may our souls be sacrificed for his sake - pleased with us, and assist us and confer success on us in treading this difficult path. 10

This year has been imbued with the name of the Holy Prophet (S). What can we say about the Holy Prophet of Islam (S)? The only thing that we can say is: the Holy Prophet of Islam (S) was the embodiment of all the virtues that all divine prophets and saints enjoyed – a complete and perfect collection of all the virtues that have existed in all divine prophets and saints throughout history. The name of Ahmad is the name of all the prophets: When hundred comes (is counted), ninety is with us as well. 11

When we mention the name of the Holy Prophet (S), it is as if we are referring to the embodiment of the personality of Prophet Ibrahim, the personality of Prophet Nuh, the personality of Prophet Musa, the personality of Prophet Isa, the personality of Prophet Luqman, the personality of all righteous and outstanding servants of God, and the personality of the Commander of the Faithful and other infallible Imams (a.s.). The Holy Prophet (S) can be likened to the brightest star in all creation.

Why should we like him to the brightest star and not the sun? The reason is that the sun is a heavenly body with a specific mass and weight. It is bright and massive, but it is just one single heavenly body. Some of the bright spots that you see in the sky are not stars: in fact, they are galaxies. Some of them are thousands of times bigger than the galaxies that we can see in the sky during summer nights. A galaxy contains thousands of stars like the sun and thousands of solar systems.

The Holy Prophet (S) is like a galaxy and his personality contains thousands of bright points, namely virtues. In the personality of the Holy Prophet (S), knowledge is accompanied by ethics, government is accompanied by wisdom, worship of God is accompanied by serving the people, Jihad is accompanied by mercy, love for God is accompanied by love for everything that God has created, honor is accompanied by humility, daily activities are accompanied by foresight, honesty with the people is accompanied by political complexity, being immersed in divine remembrance is accompanied by efforts to improve physical health, worldly life is accompanied by concern for the hereafter, noble divine goals are accompanied by interesting human goals.

He is a perfect human being and Allah the Exalted has not created anybody who is superior to him. He is a bearer of good news. He is a warner. He is a witness to the entire history of mankind. He is the one who has called all human beings to God. He is a brilliant beacon of light for humanity.

“O Prophet, surely We have sent you as a witness, and as a bearer of good news and as a warner, and as one inviting to Allah by His permission, and as a guiding beacon.” 12

For our government and people, “The Year of the Holy Prophet (S)” is the year of the presence of this galaxy-like personality. Moreover, as far as the international arena is concerned, the personality of the Holy Prophet (S) is the point where all Islamic beliefs and feelings come together. Among all Muslim groups and different Islamic denominations, the personality of the Holy Prophet (S) is where all beliefs and feelings of members of the Islamic Ummah come together.

Considering the name of this year, we have a heavy responsibility to fulfill. This year, the actions of our people and government should be in line with prophetic wisdom, prophetic knowledge, prophetic government, prophetic justice, prophetic ethics and dignity, prophetic humanity and pride, prophetic Jihad and mercy. Of course, these things cannot be done in one year, just as the Holy Prophet (S) is not the prophet of a particular year.

Every year is the year of the Holy Prophet (S) and the entire history belongs to him. However, naming this year “The year of the Holy Prophet (S)” means that this year we should start a great movement and take a long step towards the building the kind of society that the Holy Prophet (S) had in mind, towards building the kind of world and civilization that the Holy Prophet (S) had in mind. The year of the Holy Prophet (S) is the year of foresight, the year of hope, the year of hard work, the year of selfless struggle, the year of serving the people, the year of introducing clever initiatives for the future of the country, the year of moving forward. 13

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