Let’s talk about “Screaming”

Example 1

Have you got somebody around you who just all of a sudden screams?

When someone always shouts and screams near you
--What is your feeling?
--What do you think?
--What do you do?

Example 2

When you are near someone who screams
--Possibly you may become annoyed and even loose your temper.
--Possibly you may think you like more to take distance from that person
--And it is possible that you decide to get away from him.

Example 3

I would better get out of this place the screaming of this child really makes me mad.

It is much important that you treat others just u wish to be treated.
If you do not like that others scream out around you, you must not also scream when others are around

Example 4

Stop it! You make me loose my patience by such screaming of yours.

There are a few occasions when you possibly may wish to scream.
One is that possibly a thing does not take place according to your desire and pleasure.
Or that your parents say “No” in reply to your wish.
Or that they ask you to perform a job which you are not inclined to do.
Therefore, probably you imagine that you can make your father and mother change their decision by your screaming.
But shouting and screaming causes the worsening of things.

Example 5

It is time to go to bed!

But I do not want to sleep.
Perhaps if I scream possibly it may help changing the determination of my mother and she allows me to remain awake for a while.

When everything does work according to your desire never at all shout instead do the following:
--Remember never always try to get your word and say you have superior position. This is neither fair for you, nor is it just for your companions.
--If you do not agree with your parents in a certain matter, talk to them kindly and politely. Give them proper time and respite to think about your requirement. Possibly this may become the cause of their change of mind about our requirement. But if this does not happen, then never insist. Your insistence only becomes the reason of your dismay and their nervousness.

Example 6

Perhaps mother is right and I need a bit of rest.

It is possible that your screaming be for the reason that you require attention. You want your parents to attend to you. And possibly you may wish that they spend their time over you. But you cannot attract the attention, which is your object, by screaming.

Example 7

Father spends all his time upon my younger brother. If I scram a bit, perhaps he may also attend a little to me.

If you need and require attention never scream.
Instead do the following:
--Tell your father and mother politely that you need a little attention.
--If your parents are not in a position to attend immediately to you, give them a little while and chance to be able to attribute some of their time to you.
Thereby have patience till such time comes. And do not be the cause of disturbance of your father and mother during this time.

Example 8

What a nice time I am spending with my father.
The patience was really worthwhile.

You may want to scream because you are hungry or tired and ill. When your body needs something and is not healthy, possibly you may become ill tempered and wish to scream. When such a situation arises you should be careful and cautious about your body.
--If you are hungry eat a bit of energetic food.
--If you are tired and fatigued have a little rest.
--If you are ill do as your doctor or parents tell you.

Example 9

Oh I am getting every impatient. Perhaps If I scream mother might find something to make me busy with.

When you have lost your patience do not scream.
Instead, do the following:
--Keep it in mind that you yourself are responsible for you activity and this thing does not have any concern with anyone else.
_Talk to your father and mother and tell them respectfully that you have lost your tolerance and ask them to guide you.
--If your father and mother does not attend to you then try to find a means to make yourself busy. But before doing that make sure that your medium selected is agreeable to your parents as well.

Example 10

How about a little bit of cycle riding.

It is a good idea, simultaneously,
I would also ask my friend to come along and ride the bicycle with me.

It is possible that you may want to scream due to the termination of your tolerance. Possibly since you are unable to make yourself busy in something you imagine that in this way you would make your parents attend to you and get you busy.
But when you have lost your patience and tolerance, screaming not only does not help, rather it worsens the situation.

Example 11

My father was right. I had become bad tempered due to hunger. Now I feel myself quite better.

Your shouting may be due to a habit. Habit means that you have been repeatedly doing a certain work for quite a long duration so that now you do it without any thinking and unconsciously.
When screaming gets to be a habit for you, then most of the times when you scream, as a matter of fact, you do not even know why or for what!
Seek the help of your companions for abandoning this habit. Ask them to at once advise and remind you the moment you scream. And you too concentrate upon it that whenever you are given advice then at once put an end to this practice.
Do exercise to the extent to get sure that you have abandoned screaming.

Example 12

Oh so again you are screaming!

Very well, I will not scream, anymore.

When you scream your father and mother may possibly do one of the following things.
Possibly they may ignore you till such time that you keep screaming. If they overlook you it does not mean that they do not like you. They only ignore you so that you may learn that screaming is not a good and proper way of attracting attention.
They may possibly move away and take distance from you till the time that you scream, or move you away from themselves. Even then this does not mean that they do not love you.
Doing it is necessary so that your screaming does not haram them and those around you.

Example 13

Get into room till the time your screaming has not finished!

If you wish to remain happy and prosperous then treat others in the same way as you want to be treated by them.
This means you must not scream around others since you do not wish them to scream near you

Example 14

I will not at all scream anymore!