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Let’s learn about Resurrection

The third volume of the Let's learn... series is a collection of ten main lessons dealing with the subjects related to the Resurrection. The book starts with the study of the issue of whether death is a person's end or beginning and ends with the lesson regarding Paradise and Hell are the embodiment of our deeds.
The lessons are very well structured and full of the kind of information that is bound to attract the attention of the young and youthful.

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Let’s learn about Resurrection By Nasir Makarim Shirazi Translated by Laleh Bakhtiar Published by Foreign Department of Bonyad Ba'that in 1985 Address: Somaye Avenue (between Mofattah&forsat) Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran Tel: 821159,822244,822374 Tanslated and Printed in the Islamic Republic of Iran Our Goal with this Series: Our goal with this Islamic Ideology Series, Vol. I: Let's Learn About God; Vol. 2: Let's Learn About the Prophet of Islam; Vol. 3: Let's Learn About the Resurrection; Vol. 4: Let's Learn About Imamate; and Vol. 5: Let's Learn About Divine Justice, is to present a careful and separate study, which is, at the same time, interesting for our readers so that, at this sensitive time following the Islamic Revolution, they develop themselves and strengthen their faith as well as using these studies as a preliminary to further study.