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  • Man and Society

    The present book is a remarkable attempt to underline the importance of man's contribution to society. By going through some of the Hadith from the Ahlul Bayt (as) the author tried to render justice to the need of each individual for the help of other people and the need of other people for his help.
  • Foundations of Human Rights in Islam

    The issue of human rights has been a permanent feature in the life of man since his beginning. There have been proofs found regarding human right issues dating 2000 years BC. The most comprehensive human rights system is the Islamic one, even though the western world wants to claim it as its own. This book succeeds in underlining that the best human right laws stem from the Islamic laws and that UN and other human rights organizations fail to implement the human rights laws due to their lack of understanding the importance of religion in this matter.
  • Parables: Important Questions – Simple Answers

    Hujjat Al Islam Mohsin Qara’ati in his televised program Lessons from the Quran is using parables and similes, which has been a very successful method of getting the message of understanding across to the general population. In this publication, the author selected one hundred of the many similes and parables he has conveyed and presented them in a “Question and Answer” form.
  • Islamic Way of Life

    This book presents in a simplified manner what the Islamic way of life should be, how to build a life following the shari'a and the Qur'an, how the spiritual, economic and political life should look like. The views in this book can be considered and applied to constructing an Islamic life even if the opinions are pertaining more to the Sunni Muslims.
  • The Status of Knowledge in Islam

    This article will present a brief look at the importance of knowledge in Islam, as well as the high status educators and scholars enjoy as a result. This knowledge is only is efficient once it is seen through the seeker’s actions. Upon glancing at the verses of the Qur’an and narrations, the outcome of knowledge and learning is gnosis of God (ma’rifah), sincerity in actions (ikhlas), and a sense of responsibility before God and His creation.
  • Lady Fatima’s Role and Influence on Muslim Society

    This article is a collection of ideas and opinions on Lady Fatima’s influence in society and the reasons behind her impact in history gathered from the words of three scholars: Huj. Dr. Mahmoud Taqizadeh Dawari, Huj. Ali Akbar Reshad, and Huj. Dr. Ahmed Beheshti. She was titled Abundance (Kawthar) as she performed a great service to society through her virtues that quenched the thirst of society throughout history. Lady Fatima is known for her merits, noble traits, and accomplishments.
  • Exemplary Women: Lady Umm Salamah

    This paper offers a biography of Umm Salamah along with the attributes that distinguish her from the rest of the Prophet’s wives, namely her role in Fatima al-Zahra’s upbringing, her political activism, her accounts of the Prophet’s narrations, and her unwavering defense of Imam Ali’s personality and leadership.
  • Exemplary Women: Umm ul-Banin

    Fatima bint Hazam, or Umm ul-Banin, was known for her noble lineage, upright morals, and enduring devotion toward the Ahlul Bayt. After having been wed to Imam Ali (a) and raising his children after the death of his first wife, Lady Fatima (a), she displayed excellence in her responsibilities as a wife and mother of the orphaned children.
  • Lady Mary as a Role Model in the Qur'an and Bible

  • Lady Nafisah

    This article offers a brief biography of Lady Nafisah, a revered woman, with a description of her noble qualities and its influence on those who were acquainted with her and benefited from her support.
  • Let's Learn About The Prophet Of Islam

    The second book of the Let's learn about... series deals with the subjects related to our Prophet (S), and it consists of ten main lessons that start with The need of divine leaders and ends with the lesson regarding the fact that our Prophet (S) is the Seal of Prophecy. The lessons can be studied in one go or divided in several sub-lessons depending on the children's ages and abilities.
  • Let’s learn about Resurrection

    The third volume of the Let's learn... series is a collection of ten main lessons dealing with the subjects related to the Resurrection. The book starts with the study of the issue of whether death is a person's end or beginning and ends with the lesson regarding Paradise and Hell are the embodiment of our deeds. The lessons are very well structured and full of the kind of information that is bound to attract the attention of the young and youthful.
  • Let's Learn About Imamate

    Volume four of the Let's learn about... series deals with the subject of imamate. The book comprises ten main lessons. Some of the issues discussed are: Where did Imamology begin?, The conditions and special qualities of the imams, Who selects the imam?, the Qur'an and imamate, the twelve imams and The twelfth Imam. The lessons are very imaginative with lots of opportunities to ask questions and think of answers.
  • Another Prayer

    Another Prayer ********* This short story depicts the struggles that women meet after giving birth to a child in regards to their prayer and also highlights the profound love and tolerance the Prophet of Allah (S) had for children. ************* In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful For three months Salima had not visited the mosque. When she heard the call for prayer, she thought more of going to the mosque. Three months ago she had given birth to a baby. She had no one to take care of her baby so that she could go to the mosque for congregational prayer. Her husband was a dates-selling pedlar who wandered about the streets and alleys of Medina all day, in order to obtain a bare living. She had not much time to look after the baby herself, nor had she any money to employ a baby-sitter. Salima was contented with her life, but whenever she heard the call for prayer, she had a special kind of feeling. She would remember the warm and pleasant voice of
  • Adolescence: A Period of Examination and Success

    Adolescence is a very difficult period no matter where you are born. We have an advantage in helping our youth in these trying times by making use of the teachings of the Prophet sawaws and his Ahlul bayt as. We live in a world where corruption is available everywhere, all the time. What we can do to help our youth is teach them to view and examine the happenings in life
  • Mu’awiyah son of Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 6

    Mu'awiyah was the first king to rule at the beginning of the Islamic era. He was the founder of the reign of darkness and corruption. He is known for being an enemy to Imam Ali (as) and to Imam Hassan (as). He was a cunning and malicious man who used heinous stratagems in order to win.
  • Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 5

    Abu Sufyan and Abu Lahab were the two uncles of the Prophet (S) who most opposed the Prophet (S) and his prophethood. The present book tries to shed light on the various faces of Abu Sufyan and the nature of his character.
  • Abd Al-Malik Ibn Marwan and ‘Ubaydullah Bin Ziyad, Historical Stories For Children 3

    Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan was one of the Muslims who used to get upset if someone killed an ant ascending to power but after taking power he spent his life killing Muslims. Like Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan, Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad had the Shias of Ali (as) and other Muslim leaders captured and put to death. He is renowned for the fact that before killing them he use to inflict them with torturous wound like cutting their arm and legs on opposite sides and putting hot iron into their eyes.
  • Yazid son of Mu‘awiyah and his son, Historical Stories For Children 2

    The second book of the historical series for children pays attention to the wile character of Yazid the son of Mu'awiyah and the amazing character of his son Mu'awiyah. Yazid was the person responsible for the slaughter of our Imam Husayn (as) and the martyrs of Karbala. Unlike his grandfather and his father, the son of Yazid was a flower that flourished and bloomed in a heap of dirt.
  • Simplified Islamic Laws for Youth and Young Adults

    Condensed version of the Islamic Laws in accordance with Ayatollah al-Uzma Seestani. The text has rulings on Islamic Jurisprudence, all basic topics have been covered including: - Taharat - Salat- Fasting- Khums- Rules related to trading- Eating & Drinking- Marriage. These topics have been discussed in detail with all common rulings that are required by people.