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  • Islamic 'Hijab' For Men

    Islamic 'Hijab' For Men Compiled and Translated by Saleem Bhimji Along with the topic of Hijab for women, there is also another discussion which is hardly ever mentioned and that is of the Hijab for men. Although the term Hijab is used for the clothing of the Muslim man it is not the same style and type of 'Hijab' that women have been commanded to wear. For many reasons which Allah (SWT) in His infinite wisdom has laid out, women must cover their entire body from the eyes of those who are her non-Mahrams, and men too, to an extent must also observe this rule, which we briefly mention here. Information for this writing has been taken from "Paradise of our Youth" and "Islamic Rulings related to Men and Women" which contains the rulings of eight Mara'ja Taqlid, both originally in Farsi, translated into English. From the Ahadith of the Prophet and the Holy Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon all of them), regarding the type of covering that men must observe including the
  • The Role Of Islamic Scientists In The Advancement Of Science

    This text offers us a short and comprehensive history of how Muslims Scientists have made a contribution to the advancement of science. Muslim scientists are known to have put the founding stones in sciences like chemistry, math and medicine.
  • Islam versus Feminism

    What is feminism? What does it have in common with Islam? What is the position of the Islamic law regarding the feminist issues? What is considered oppression from Islamic point of view? The present book will answer all the above mentioned questions and at the same time it will clarify the role of the women in Islam. This book is also a good source of information and logical explanation for all the people out there who keep insisting that women are oppressed and that the Islamic rules should be changed.
  • Islam & the Modern Age

    In an age an era in which we run in competition with each other to be the first in everything (the first to own latest technology, the first to own a house, to own the latest car model...) what role does Islam really play in our lives? How can we ensure that our children and the generations to come learn that what other people regard as normal or good is not really acceptable for us to do according with the perfect religion that Allah swt has created for us? If you have ever wandered about these issues then this book is right up your alley. Enjoy reading! *************** Islam
  • Hermeneutical Foundations for Islamic Social Sciences

    Some scientists seem to support the idea of the islamisation of knowledge and some have evolved into considering hermeneutics as a possible solution. But which sciences could be transformed through the hermeneutics process? Which source would the scientists use in the process? What are the sciences and the frameworks in which transformation would be possible? All the above issues and more are being dealt with in this amazing book.
  • Comparative Study of Shared Views of Muslim and Non-Muslim Scholars on Philosophy and Education

    We live in a world where everything is always about me: my religion, my house, my phone..etc., forgetting on many occasions that there is a world beyond our own petty existence. In this context, the content of this book is a refreshing reminder that everything is not always about me but about us. Us, who believe, regardless of birth place, descend, religion or gender, that there is a God, a higher power that we all strive to know and to Whom we will all return in the end. We, as a whole, can always find things that unite us despite all out differences. This applies to how we think about philosophy and education.
  • Rights Of Believers

    This presentation contains the 30 obligations that a Muslim has over his brother in faith, in the light of a Hadith of the Holy Prophet.
  • Contemporary Issues in Islamic Thought [Mohammad Ali Shomali] [2007] [Islamic Centre of England, London, UK]

    In this series of lectures, Sheikh Shomali talks about some of the contemporary issues in Islamic thought including: Feminism, Secularism, Pluralism, Muslim-Christian relations, Shia-Sunni relations.
  • Community Building [Mohammad Ali Shomali] [July 2009] [Islamic Centre of England, London, UK]

    In this series of lectures, Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali talks about the characteristics of the Islamic community and the significance of community building in Islam.
  • Children in the Qur’an and Sunnah

    This book is an authentic collection of Ayahs of Qur'an and over 500 Hadiths on children. The topics include preparations by parents before the birth of child, taking their care after birth and naming them to the detailed description of utmost care in the training of children from Islamic perspective.
  • Islam and Nationalism: A Theoretical Point of View, Part 1

    In this paper, the author examines the position of nationalism in Islam and whether or not it prevents Islam from fulfilling its role in developing a just society. He highlights the fact that nationalistic biases never stemmed from religion itself; rather, its followers possessed prejudices that often led to disputes.
  • Status of Women in Islam: A Critical Analysis on a Matter of Equality

  • Forty Ahadith on Parents

    40 selected traditions narrated through the Prophet [s] and his Ahl al-Bayt [a] on the topic of Parents and their high status in Islam.
  • Excerpts of Poetry of Imam Husayn Powerpoint Presentation

    Power point based on beautiful poetry of Imam Husayn (as), excerpts taken from the book Bright Moon: A Collection of Poems of Imam Husayn (as): http://www.al-islam.org/bright-moon-collection-poems-imam-husayn
  • The Role of the Women of Ashura

    This article offers an account of the women's unwavering support of Imam Husayn and his cause before Ashura, in the Battle of Karbala, and after the massacre.
  • Raising Children

    Ten lessons on the Islamic way of raising children. The lessons are derived from Islamic sources originally written in Farsi on the subject.
  • Features of the Community of Ahlul Bayt (a) [Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali] [Muharram 1435 / Novemeber 2013] [Islamic Centre, Stanmore, UK]

    Lecture Series by Dr. Muhammad Ali Shomali in Muharram 1435H. In these lectures, he talks about the features and characteristics of the community of Ahlul Bayt(a) including justice, moderation and balance, knowledge and intellect, unity, enjoining good and forbidding evil, safety, establishing prayer and others.
  • A Probe into Wilayah and its Social Dimensions

  • Editorial Autumn 2009, Vol. 10, No. 3

    This article is the editorial of the Message of Thaqalayn journal, Volume 10, Issue number 3, released in Autumn of 2009. It discusses the contents of the proceeding articles in this journal.
  • Search for Truth

    This text contains the detailed minutes of a Muslim lecturer's discussion with Mr. Joseph and his teacher and mathematics professor about the basic doctrines of Christianity as well as about Islam. The object of this publication is to arm young Muslim minds with the truth so they can defend the unreasonable criticisms against Islam.