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Stories of The Prophets

Simple English accounts of the lives of many Prophets, including Prophets Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Yusuf, and Musa (a).

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Bilal's Bedtime Stories

Bedtime (or anytime!) stories on Bilal, the companion of the Prophet (s), and other events from the lives of the Prophets, Imams and companions.

Principles of Upbringing Children

Advice for parents, supported by the Hadith and Quran, on the upbringing and training of Children.

Stories of Bohlool

A biography and stories from the life of Bahlool, the companion of the 7th Imam (a), who in order to hide his love for the Imam acted as if he was insane.

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Mukhtar al-Thaqafy

Biography of the companion who took revenge on the killers of Imam Husayn (a).

Kamal al-Sayyid 22,888 0

Tears For Karbala

Presenting children with traditional majaalis (lectures) of the twelve days of Muharram.

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Prophet Muhammad [s] - A Brief Biography

Simple account of the life of the final Messenger (s).

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Pearls of Wisdom Stories and Sayings of Infallibles (as) and their Noble Companions

Short stories about the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (a) and their noble companions.

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Nahj al-Balaghah for Children

A small selection from the great collection of speeches, sermons, letters, and sayings of Imam Ali (a). Short passages with pictures.

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Anecdotes for Reflection Part 1

Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt, and their companions. Includes topics such as sincerity, hope, altruism, and independence.

The Characteristics of a Muslim

Simple accounts of good morals and behavior, God's love, parents, and how to be a good Muslim.

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Imam Hasan bin Ali

Biography and character of the 2nd Imam (a).

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Journey to the Unseen World

A picture book with an abridged text of the original book 'Jouney to the Unseen World' in simple English, which discusses the circumtances of life after death.

Anecdotes of Pious Men

Some selected Islamic stories from the Persian Book Dastan-e Rastan vol. l & 2.

Understanding the Month of Glory Lessons on the Month of Ramadhan

Excellent lessons and activities on the month of Ramadhan for children and youth; includes verses from the Qur'an, traditions on fasting, a chant, Ramadhan checklist, reasons for fasting, seaking n

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Islamic Teachings Book 2

Short lessons for children on different aspects of Islam, including belief in God, the Prophet and the Imams, as well as prayers, morals, and good behavior.

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Anecdotes of Reflection Part 3

Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt and their companions. Includes topics such as forgiveness, intellect, justice, and worship.

Anecdotes for Reflection Part 2

Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt, and their companions.

Anecdotes for Reflection Part 4

Moral stories from the lives of the prophets, the Ahlul Bayt and their companions.

Islamic Systems

Short introductory summaries of the various systems involved in the governance of a nation according to the Islamic perspective.

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Morals for Children and Young

This book provides good ideas to parents on upbringing of their children, with family values and morals.

Abu Talib b. Abdul Muttalib

Biography of the uncle of the Prophet (s), Hazrat Abu Talib (as).

Kamal al-Sayyid 7,531 0

Kumayl bin Ziyad

Biography of the companion of Imam 'Ali (a).

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Maytham al-Tammar

Biography of the companion of Imam 'Ali (a).

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Habib b. Mudhahir

Biography of the devoted friend of Imam Husayn (a).

Kamal al-Sayyid 6,818 0

A Muslim in Society

A concise introductory text about the appropriate behaviour of Muslims and their conduct with others in society.

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Parent-Child Relationship

The present booklet presents in a short and concise manner the rights of the parents and the rights of the children.

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Let’s talk about: Making Fun of Others

This booklet aims to teach children by using pictures and examples a very important principle in Islam and a very well-known advice given to us by our Prophet sawaws: "If you have nothing nice to s

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How to Become Better Muslims PowerPoint Presentation

An interactive presentation for youth of all ages which tries to get kids to ask questions such as Why are you here? Why were you created? What is the goal of life? And Where are you going?

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Islamic Doctrines Simplified

Simple passages on Islamic beliefs about God, Prophethood and the Day of Judgement.

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Yazid son of Mu‘awiyah and his son, Historical Stories For Children 2

The second book of the historical series for children pays attention to the wile character of Yazid the son of Mu'awiyah and the amazing character of his son Mu'awiyah.

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Let’s talk about: Screaming

This booklet aims to teach children all about screaming and the effect that this may have on the people around them.

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Let’s talk about: Self-Conceit

This booklet uses pictures and words to describe situations in which we might be self-conceited and how this may affect the people around us.

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Islamic Culture and Religious Education (For pupils)

This book is a compilation of lessons children learn that connect them both to the science and religious fields of knowledge.

Hajjaj ibn Yusuf ath-Thaqafi, Historical Stories For Children 1

Book one of the historical stories for children series describes in short the personality of one of the most bloodthirsty governors of Iraq and Iran. His name was Hajjaj ibn Yusuf ath-Thaqafi.

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Mu’awiyah son of Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 6

Mu'awiyah was the first king to rule at the beginning of the Islamic era. He was the founder of the reign of darkness and corruption.

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Bilal, Historical Stories For Children 4

Bilal was a thin young boy from Ethiopia.

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‘Abd Al-Malik Ibn Marwan and ‘Ubaydullah Bin Ziyad, Historical Stories For Children 3

Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan was one of the Muslims who used to get upset if someone killed an ant ascending to power but after taking power he spent his life killing Muslims.

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Posters that talk to you! PowerPoint Presentation

A creative and useful way to teach students (and adults!) how to make effective posters that appeal to others. Provides tips on titles, layouts, graphics, letterings, editing, and much more.

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Abu Sufyan, Historical Stories For Children 5

Abu Sufyan and Abu Lahab were the two uncles of the Prophet (S) who most opposed the Prophet (S) and his prophethood.

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Monotheism for Young Adults

Monotheism for young adults is a very comprehensive book which sheds light on the issue of “Tahwid”. The book contains a dialog between two friends, Mohammad and Mehdi regarding Monotheism.

Thirst! Alas for Thirst!

Thirst! Alas for Thirst!

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Let’s talk about: Disobedience

This booklet aims to teach children by using pictures and examples all about disobedience towards parents and its effects on themselves and their parents.

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Once Upon a Time There Was No Other Than God

Throughout the world there are not many Islamic books written for children's benefit and education.

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There are few children Islamic books and the present one is an amazing depiction of the events that lead to the battle to save the holy Ka’baa' in the time known as The Year of the Elephant.


'Somaiyeh' is a wonderful book for children to learn to appreciate all that they have been given, and to understand the Wisdom of Allah (s.w.t.).

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Benefaction in Islam

Benefaction is one of the oft repeated issues in the verses of the Holy Qur'an.

The Gardener of the Gardens of Tawheed

A wonderful story underlying the asceticism and good nature of Imam Ali (pbuh) and Imam Hasan ibn Ali (pbuh) and how generous and humble their behaviour used to be.

The Coins of Victory

From the series "With the Infallibles" - Based on the life-story of his eminence Imam Muhammed Baqir (p.b.u.h )

Heavenly Warrant

Heavenly Warrant By: Sayyid M.S. Musavi Garmaroodi Translated by: M.