Chapter 6: His Works

The historians and the narrators have reported that Imam al-Ridha’, peace be on him, compiled a group of books some of which were (compiled) according to al-Ma’mu’n’s request, in some of which he (the Imam) discussed and explained the precepts of Islamic law as well as he recorded in some of which the traditions transmitted from his grandfather, the greatest Prophet, may Allah bless him and his family, and this work was called the Musnad of Imam al-Ridha’, peace be on him. Yet another example of his scientific books is what is known as al-Risa’la al-Dhahabiya fi al-Tibb (the golden medical dissertation), in which the Imam mentioned what put right man’s body and soul, and which is among the main, briefed books on medicine. In the following topics we will present some of his works: