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Mahdi in the Quran According to Shi‘ite Quran Commentators


In this book, author has explored the belief in Mahdi and the Messianic ideas implicit in the Qur’an in the light of both classical and contemporary Shi'ite commentaries on the Qur'an.

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Mahdi in the Qur’an according to Shi’ite Qur’an Commentators Author: N. Vasram & A. Toussi Publisher: Ansariyan Publications First Edition: 2008 - 1387 - 1429 Sadr Press Pages: 144 Copies: 2000 Size: 145 x 210 mm ISBN: 978-964-219-018-8 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED AND RECORDED FOR THE PUBLISHER ANSARIYAN PUBLICATIONS 22, Shohada St., P.O. Box 187 - Qum Islamic Republic Of Iran Tel: 00 98 251 7741744 Fax: 7742647 Email: & &