Today’s Busy Life

The new age has introduced man to many innovations and eased many difficulties. It has found cure for incurable diseases, shortened distances and stepped on to planets other than the earth. Along with it, the latest social and economic system has made most of the intellectual efforts of man, if not all, dependent upon employment and economy. In today’s world, the aim of knowledge is not for the adornment of an illiterate, becoming cultured, well-mannered and embellishment through human values and morals.

Rather, all educational institutions, right from play-school till higher education, have their eyes fixed only on those courses that provide for excellent employment opportunities in the future. This education system has transformed man into a money-making machine. Internet and Information Technology has universally given rise to competition among all educational and economic institutions. Establishing a place for oneself in this competition and maintaining it is very difficult.

Based on this, those who work in these institutions have become so engrossed in maintaining their materialistic life that there is no time for spirituality and religiousness. Man is so preoccupied with his own problems that even neighbours are not mindful of each other. Brothers are not aware of each other’s condition. The education imparted by schools is far away from humanity, spirituality and morality. Nuclear families are restricting themselves to their smaller homes. Simply put, the life of the modern day man resembles the characteristics of animals more than to human beings.

Looking at the present state, it can be easily concluded that currently the solutions to human anguish and sorrow are concealed in the excellent Islamic morals i.e. if there is anything that can actually make man more humane, it is only the Islamic system. The system that transformed the elders of the past into humans has the ability to transform the modern materialist man into a better human being. It is extremely important for the new generation to be aware of these teachings.