Humble Presentation

I humbly present this short commentary of the daily supplication of the Holy Month of Ramadān to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) and his infallible progeny (as), who represent the perfect Manifestations of the All-Merciful, and sincerely pray to the All-Merciful Lord to accept the offering.

This humble attempt should be taken as a point of ascent to the meanings of other supplications narrated from the Holy Prophet (s) and his infallible progeny (as). When reciting any supplication, one should never limit oneself to the periphery but should struggle for the center and the spirit. Our initial journey would be ‘the journey of thought and concept’, but this should lead us to overhaul ourselves and ‘comprehend the kernel of prayer.’

May Almighty Allāh assist all of us before we lose the priceless opportunity of this transient life.

Walhamdu lillāhi Rabbi’l ‘Ālamīn
And All praises belong solely to Allāh, the Lord of the Universe

Utterly destitute to the All-Affluent
Abū Muhammad Zaynu’l ‘Ābidīn
Qum al-Muqaddasa
Sha‘bān al-Mu‘azzam 1423

From the heavenly atmosphere of the neighbourhood of Hadrat Fātima Ma‘sūma (as), may the Almighty imbue our hearts with intense love for her, and may He Grace us with her intercession-Āmīn.