al-Mukhtar is Jailed

When Muslim marched, al-Mukhtar was at a village called Khatwaniyya1. He came accompanied by his supporters raising a green standard while ‘Abdullah Ibn al-Harith was raising a red one. Having planted his standard at the door of ‘Amr Ibn Harith's house, he said, “I want to stop ‘Amr.”2

It became obvious to them that both Muslim and Hani had been killed, and it was suggested to them that they would feel more secure in the company of ‘Amr Ibn Harith, and so they did. Ibn Harith testified that they had both avoided Muslim Ibn ‘Aqil... Ibn Ziyad ordered them jailed after having reviled al-Mukhtar and hit his face with a lance, gouging one of his eyes.3 They remained in prison till Imam al-Husayn, peace be upon him, was martyred.4
Ibn Ziyad ordered Muhammad Ibn al-Ash’ath5, Shabth Ibn Rab’i, al-Qa’qa’ Ibn Shawr al-Thuhli6, Hijar Ibn Abjar7, Shimr Thul-Jawshan, and ‘Amr Ibn Harith to surrender and to discourage people from rebelling8. A number of men, who were controlled by fear, responded positively to his call in addition to others who coveted rich rewards and were thus deceived, whereas those whose conscience was pure went underground, waiting for an opportunity to launch an attack on the camp of falsehood.

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