About Ourselves

This international organization named ‘The Islamic Seminary’ was founded by His Eminence Ayatullah al-Uzma As-Sayyid Abul Qasim al-Musavi al-Khu’i (Rahmat Ullah alayh) of Najaf of Iraq in 1977, and today under the leadership of Hazrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Al-Husayni Seestani, is endeavouring to supply authentic Islamic literature to the public.

The aim of this organization is to satisfy the spiritual needs of the present age, make people aware of authoritative Islamic knowledge and to safeguard this valuable treasure of knowledge which has been entrusted to us by the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad and by his Holy Ahl al-Bayt (Peace be upon them).

So far this organization has published many books in Arabic, English, French Urdu, Malay, Hausa, Sindhi and Gujrati that on the basis of their fine appearance, style and subject matter have obtained a special place among printed books. If Allah wills this process of publication will continue and will show the Straight Path to the humanity.

In addition to this, the organization is also engaged in imparting religious knowledge and training to students in more than 500 Madressas and Makatibs.
Furthermore, the Seminary also participates in the establishment and development of social and welfare projects of the community.

Propagating the message of Islam is a task calls for the co-operation of all of us. The Seminary invites you to join in this task so that Islamic teachings may be popularized all over the world.

We pray to God, that for the sake of Muhammad and Aale Muhammad to send blessings and mercy on all.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali Nafsi
Representative of Ayatullah al-Uzma Sistani (d.a.)
Islamic Seminary Publications


Dear Reader.

This book is an Islamic Seminary publication. Its publications are designed to cater for the spiritual needs of the age with a particular emphasis on grooming Muslim mind and thinking. Utmost efforts have been made by the Seminary to put forth in its publications what is really authoritative and authentic in Islam.

You are requested to kindly go through this book in the spirit in which it is intended. You are also requested to communicate to us your free comments on our publication, which will be highly appreciated.

Propagating the message of Islam is a task which calls for the co-operation of all. The Seminary invites you to join it in this task complying cordially with the verse of the holy Qur’an:

“Say: I give you but one admonition, that you stand for Allah's sake jointly and singly” (34:46).

May Allah bless you!

Yours in Islam,
Publication Secretary.


“Have you fully realized what Islam is? It is indeed a religion founded on truth. It is such a fountain-head of learning that several streams of wisdom
and knowledge flow from it.
It is such a lamp that several lamps will be lighted from it.
It is a lofty beacon illuminating the path of Allah.
It is such a set of principles and beliefs that will satisfy every seeker of truth and
reality. Know you all!
that Allah has made Islam the most
sublime path for the attainment of His supreme pleasure and the highest standard of His obedience.
He has favoured it with
noble precepts exalted principles undeniable wisdom undoubtable arguments
and unchallengeable supremacy. It is upto you to maintain the eminence and dignity granted to it by the Lord,
to follow it sincerely, to do justice to its articles of faith and belief, to obey implicitly its tenets and orders
and to give it the proper place in your lives.”
Imam ‘Alī (Peace be on him)

Islamic Seminary Publications
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