Majlis 11

Lady Az-Zahra (S.A.) Grieves For Her Father

O mourners of Fatimah Az-Zahra (s.a.)!

These days are related to the demise of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) and are associated with her holy being. Hence I would say a few words about her sufferings and conclude the speech. It is narrated that after her father passed away, Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) was never seen without a strip of cloth tied around her forehead. She was becoming thinner as the days passed. She used to weep all the time for the remorseful demise of her father.1

The phrase ‘pillars were destroyed’ has a strange implication. Pillars mean support; like the pillars of a building, on which the structure stands. In human anatomy, legs and backbone joints are pillars of human body, using which one stands.

Sometimes, from the bodily aspect a pillar is damaged. For instance, legs of a human being are amputated or the joints of his backbone become impaired. In that case, the person cannot stand. Similarly, human soul falls prey to destruction in such a way that it seems that the pillars supporting the human soul are shattered. The state of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) after her father’s demise was said to be like this.

O mourners!

Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) and the Holy Prophet (S) loved each other very much. That is why you must have heard that Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) used to embrace her sons, Imam al-Hasan and Al-Husayn (A) very much and cry:

“My dearest ones! O light of my eyes! Where has your affectionate and kind father gone who loved you most of all? He used to go about carrying you on his shoulders and placing you in his lap passed his hand on your heads lovingly.”2

In the name of Allah and by Allah and on the religion of the Messenger of Allah (S)

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