Majlis 13

Ali (A) Embraced Batool (S.A.)

O devotees of Ali (A) and Batool (s.a.)!

The series of our Majalis is ending today. Tonight is a special night. Therefore it is necessary to relate the calamities of Lady Fatimah Az-Zahra (s.a.) on the occasion of the days of Fatimah (s.a.).

It was unbearable for Imam Ali (A) to get separated from Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.). The condition was Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) had become very weak. She was lying on her bed and Imam Ali (A) was sitting beside her. Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) started the discussion expressing humility, which moved Imam Ali (A). His eyes became filled with tears. Lady Az-Zahra’s (s.a.) words can be summarized as follows:

“O Ali! Our companionship in this world is coming to an end. I am departing from this world. I tried to be obedient in your house as much as possible and did not oppose you in any matter...” and other such words.

These words moved Ali so much that he immediately embraced her. Lady Az-Zahra’s (s.a.) head was pressed against Imam Ali’s (A) chest and he said with his eyes filled with tears:

“O daughter of Prophet (s.a.)! You are far better than these words; then why do you express so much helplessness?”1

The boundless love between Ali (A) and Az-Zahra (s.a.) cannot be explained. Therefore we can understand how difficult it would have been for Ali (A) to bear the loneliness after the demise of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.). Regarding this, I would like to narrate only the statement of Imam Ali (A) that he spoke on her holy grave. This statement is also mentioned in Nahjul Balagha.

Why Was Lady Fatimah (S.A.) Buried In The Darkness Of The Night?

Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) had willed: “O Ali! Bury me in the darkness of night after giving the funeral bath and shroud. I don’t want those who hurt me to attend my funeral.” History is always prone to be distorted. Some people commit a crime and try to prove their innocence so that they can distort history.

Mamoon Rashid did same. He martyred Imam Ali Al-Ridha’ (A), but during the Imam’s funeral he picked up a handful of earth and poured it on his head. Then he wept crocodile tears and recited an elegy. 2

In this way, history became distorted and many people could not believe that Mamoon the Al-Abbaside had martyred Imam Al-Ridha’ (A). This is called distortion of history.

Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) wanted to save history from distortion. So she said: “Please bury me in the darkness of night” so that the question should remain in history forever as to why the only daughter of the Prophet (s.a.) was buried in a dark night? Why is her grave unknown? This was the policy of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.), because of which even after more than a thousand years there exists an unanswered question in history:

“Why was the beloved daughter of the Prophet (s.a.) buried in the dark night? Why is her grave unknown?”3

History is asking: Why was the daughter of the Prophet (s.a.) buried on a dark night? Isn’t attending a funeral a recommended act? Then why did only a handful of people attend the funeral prayer of the only daughter of the Prophet (s.a.)? Why the location of the grave of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) was kept secret? Why were people unaware of the place she was buried?

“O Ali, After Burial, Stay With Me For A While”

After Imam Ali (A) had buried Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) according to her will, suddenly he heard her voice from her grave:

“O Ali! Please sit near my grave for some time and do not go away because I need you the most in these moments of fear of the grave.”

Imam Ali (A) had acted exactly as Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) had willed. Just think what the Imam must be going through at that time. I cannot describe his state in words how he must have lowered Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) in grave with his own hands and the way he put soil over the grave. I only know that it is written in history: “When he spread the soil of the grave with his hands, his grief swelled up.”4

Imam Ali (A) began dusting his clothes after making her grave. Till then, he was busy with work and when someone is busy with work, he concentrates fully on the work. Hence the grief is limited to some extent. However, now the time had come when Imam Ali (A) was supposed to sit near the grave of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.) after burying her as per her will and he felt he needed someone whom he could narrate his feelings to.

Ali (A) Expresses His Feelings

As you know, Imam Ali (A) used to feel lonely sometimes. When he was unable to express his feelings to anyone, he used to lean inside a well and narrate his feelings. However, today his heart was completely shattered due to the separation of Lady Az-Zahra (s.a.).

The Imam found no one better than the beloved Prophet of Allah to expressing his feelings to. Eventually, Ali turned towards the grave of the Holy Prophet (S) with a heavy heart and said:

“Salutations to you, O Messenger of Allah from me and from your beloved daughter who is sleeping on the dust before you and is going to meet you very soon. O Messenger of Allah! Your beloved daughter has reduced the level of my patience.5

O Messenger of Allah! If you want to know the condition of Ali; listen. Ali’s patience has decreased.”

That is why Ali (A) said:

“Soon your daughter will let you know how the Ummah united in order to inflict atrocities on her.”67

 وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ

And they who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back. (26:227)

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