Majlis 16

Dream Of Martyr Mutahhari At The Advent Of Muharram

O mourners of the oppressed one of Karbala!

These days, all of us are preparing to welcome Muharram. Al-Husayniyyahs are being decorated to commemorate the sorrow of the apple of Fatimah’s (s.a.) eyes. It is a strange coincidence, in 1962, when Aqa Burujardi expired, I saw him in my dream (Aqa Burujardi expired in the month of Shawwal) but the state of that dream was such that even I could not interpret it.

“Do not leave the pulpit.”

In those days, Haji Ahmad Qummi was famous for giving strange interpretations of dreams. At times, even Ayatullah Burujardi went to him for interpretation of his dreams. Thus, I asked him the interpretation of my dream on phone. It is true that even I couldn’t understand what was so special in that dream, which led me to seek interpretation from the respected Qummi on phone.

In those days, I had stopped preaching from the pulpit. He told me not to leave the pulpit at all. I don’t know from where he extracted this interpretation. He told me not to leave the service of Imam Al-Husayn (A). I did as I was told and tried to put into practice as advised in the interpretation.

Service Of The Chief Of The Martyrs

As usual, I slept for some time after the Morning Prayer yesterday. I dreamt a huge gathering of Majlis, which was attended by scholars who were all waiting for the arrival of Aqa Burujardi. After sometime, he arrived. The entire gathering of people got up to welcome him as it used to happen during his lifetime.

As I tried to get up suddenly my cloak got entangled in my hand and foot. I moved myself aside, adjusted my clothes and got up. At that very moment, Aqa reached the place where I was sitting. I immediately vacated that place as if I knew that he wanted to occupy it. Then I saw that he went and sat on the chair and it appeared as if he did not want to lecture and instead he would be reciting a Majlis. As soon as he sat on the pulpit, he said:

“We Majlis reciters (Zakireen)!”

I was extremely astonished in my dream after hearing this term. I thought: Why did Aqa Burujardi call himself a Majlis reciter? (Although I know that he used to sometimes recite Majlis in the city of Burujard during Ramadan when he was a main jurist. However, he was a chief jurist and not a speaker).

Then I saw a white shawl on his head and I was even more surprised because scenes usually change in dream. I saw him sitting on pulpit in another city but with respect as a jurist. Then I saw him in a garden full of greenery. Suddenly I saw him sitting near flowing water as if he wanted to perform ablution. I remembered in my dream that I had been his student in the past. Hence, I moved forward to kiss his hands.

When I reached the place, I saw half his face immersed in the clean and pure water and half outside. He had closed his eyes like a Gnostic in meditation.

Suddenly, he started wailing with the heart beats. He shouted the name of the chief of martyrs and said: O Al-Husayn! O Al-Husayn Ibn Ali! O son of Az-Zahra. He used to shout his name and then wail. He used to narrate the calamities of Imam himself and then cry.

And what a type of wailing! This wailing was not such that its effects would have become explicit from his tears. Instead he was wailing without caring about the world around him. He was immersed in the grief of Imam Al-Husayn (A) so much that he was unaware of the world.

After that, I awoke from sleep. I remembered that I had seen a dream two or three days before the month of Muharram a few years back. This time also, I saw a dream before the advent of Muharram.1

There is no power and might except by Allah the High and the Mighty

  • 1. After this, the some part of the lecture was not recorded; Ashnai ba Qur’an, Vol. 6, Pg. 259-261.