Majlis 31

‘Enjoining Good’ And ‘Forbidding Evil’ - Principles Of The Al-Husaynite Movement

From every aspect, the Jihad of Imam Al-Husayn (A) in Karbala is a mirror of the miracle, bravery, honesty and nicety of the self. Imam Al-Husayn (A) also cared about Amr bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar. Thus the Imam said,

“O people! Don’t you see that truth is being neglected. Truth is not being followed and no one is stopped from falsehood. Instead falsehood is being made customary. Don’t you see that good deeds have been neglected and the poison of wrong deeds is being assimilated into human blood? In such circumstances, an honest person should prefer death over such a life.”1

This should really happen. A believer should desire to meet Allah in such circumstances and shun this world. According to another source, Imam (A) said,

“Really, I consider death a bounty in such circumstances and consider it a disgrace to remain alive and harassed by the enemy.”2

Dear brothers!

Think, what kind of feeling a human being has who wants to live with unjust ones and oppressors? It is a life where he was seeing unjust and oppressors everywhere. Imam Al-Husayn (A) says,

“Should I live with them and become their companions? No, such life is not a life for me. It is a death. It is a cause of disgrace. I wish for death in such circumstances because it would be an honour for me.”

The Suckling Infant Separates From Imam Al-Husayn (A)

Imam Al-Husayn (A) came inside the tent on Ashura day and told Lady Zaynab (s.a.), “O sister! Bring the suckling baby to me so that I bid him farewell.”3 Even though the child’s mother was present in Karbala, Imam Al-Husayn (A) requested his sister so as to signal that Zaynab (s.a.) was the leader of the caravan after him.

Lady Zaynab (s.a.) went inside and taking the child from her sister-in-law, brought it to her brother. Imam (A) looked at that delicate baby once; he was looking like a withered flower because he had not been suckled for the past few days. His mother’s milk had dried up because of hunger and thirst.

Imam Al-Husayn (A) took the baby from his sister. When the Imam intended to kiss the baby and grant him fatherly love, the commander told one of his soldiers, “See, what a nice target you have got!” The soldier asked what target he was talking about. The commander pointed to the child in the arms of Imam Al-Husayn (A).

The baby was in the arms of the Imam and an arrow was shot from the enemy’s side. The baby writhed like a slaughtered chicken and passed away but what to say of Al-Husayn’s (A) patience?

Can our mouths praise his patience? He was praised by Prophet and Ali. (Ghalib)

His steadfastness did not waver. He took the blood of that innocent one in his cupped hand and looked at the sky and said, “O Lord! You are looking at this unjust bloodshed. This is for Your pleasure and hence it is nor unbearable for Al-Husayn.”45

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