Majlis 47

The Last Words Of Imam Al-Husayn (A)

As long as there was life in Imam Al-Husayn’s (A) body on the Ashura day, a fierce battle was fought and the heads of Yazid’s men were flying in the air. By Asr time the Imam was exhausted due to the wounds. He began to feel dizzy mounted on his horse. Someone shot an arrow smeared with poison, which hit the Imam’s chest and he fell on the ground at once. What did he say at that moment?

Did he accept the disgrace by paying allegiance? Did he express any wish at that time? No, absolutely not. After displaying gems of courage in the battle, he faced that Qibla, from which he had never turned away and said, “O Lord! I agree with Your decision. I obey Your order. There is no Lord except You. O the refuge of those who are without refuge!”1

This is called true Jihad in the way of Allah and this is true human perfection.

  • 1. Maqtal al-Husayn, Muqarram, Pg. 283; it is written in Mausuat al-Kalimat al-Imam al-Husayn, Pg. 510 as: “I am steadfast in Your test. O Lord! There is no Lord except You. O Helper of those who seek help! There is no lord except You for me. Nor there is any god except You.”