Preface to the Second Edition

The first edition (1990) of this book was very well received by the readers around the globe. It was reprinted in Iran by a publisher whose foreign language publications are distributed all over the world. Its excerpts have been published in magazines in India, South Africa and also in Norwegian language.

In 1993, Mr. M. H. Assagaf translated Marriage & Morals in Islam into Indonesian, a language used, according to him "by the people of Indonesia (170 million), Malaysia, Brunei and parts of Singapore and Thailand."

In 1993, I revised and expanded the previous edition. Besides correcting the spelling mistakes and minor changes and additions to the text and footnotes, two sub-sections "Whom Can You Marry?" and "The 'Aqd" were added in Chapter Three, and the section on "Sources of the Shari'ah" was moved from the Introduction to the end of the book as Appendix I. I have also added a section on "The Major Ablution: Ghusl Janabat" as Appendix II.

I hope this edition proves more useful to the seekers of truth. Wa ma tawfiqi illa bi 'l-lah.

Jamadi I, 1415
October 1994
S. M. Rizvi
Toronto, Canada