Maytham al-Tammar

It was dawn. As usual, Maytham went to the date-palm trunk. He splashed it with water. The good ground sent out a sweet smell. Maytham said two Raka'as. Then he put his back against the date-palm trunk.

Maytham had visited the date palm for more than twenty years. It had not been a mere dry trunk. It had been a tall date palm before twenty years.

Days, months, and years passed.

Maytham said two Raka'as near the date palm. Then he addressed it:

Allah has created you for me. And He has created me for you.

Maytham liked that date palm. He watered it when it was green.

One day, he came to the date palm. He found it a dry trunk. He cut the top of the trunk. That tall date palm became a mere short trunk. Still Maytham went on visiting that dry trunk.