15 Punishments for those who take Prayers lightly, according to Sayyida Fatimah (A)

15 punishments for those who take prayers lightly, according to Sayyida Fatimah alayha as-salam.

It is narrated that once the lady of Light, as-Sayyida at-Tahira, az-Zahra, al-Batool, Fatimah alayha as-salam, asked her beloved father, Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam, what happens to those from men and women who take their prayers lightly?

The Holy Prophet peace and blessings be upon him and his family, he said O Fatimah, they will be punished by Allah in 15 places. Six in this world, three at death, three in their grave and three on the Day of Judgment.

The ones in this world are: blessings will be removed from their life. Barakah will be removed from their Rizq. Allah will wipe features of the righteous from their face. They will not be rewarded for any deed. Their Du'as will not be raised in the heavens, and the Du'as of the righteous people won't benefit them.

As for the time of death, they will die disgraced, hungry and thirsty. As for the grave, Allah will appoint an angel who will annoy them. And their grave will be tight and dark.

As for the Day of Judgment, Allah will make an angel drag them on their face whilst other creations are watching. They will go through intense scrutinization of their deeds. And Allah will not look at them with mercy, nor purify their acts. And they will receive painful chastisement.