Advice From A Father To A Son (Part 1) - 18th Ramadan 1435/2014

Excerpt from Letter #31 of Nahjul Balagha - A very emotional letter; second longest letter in Nahjul Balagha - Most commentaries have said it's a letter from Imam Ali (as) to his son Imam Hasan (as), but some claim it was to Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyyah because of the tone of the letter -- but it is more generally from a father to a son, and meant as advice for all of us

27 pieces of advice: - 1: be quiet more often - 2: retain what you have vs seeking what others have - 3: bitterness of despair is better than seeking from people - 4: hard work without sinning or humiliation is better than riches of a vicious life - 5: keep your secrets to yourself

Benefits of crying on the nights of Qadr

Poisoning of Imam Ali (as)