Affairs of The Heart - Ramadan 1435/2014

Hadith says the greatest of punishment that Allah would send to His Creation, to His 'Abd, would be Qaswat al-Qalb [قسوة القلب], for his heart to be hardened. Allah says I will send reminders, maybe poverty, maybe death, maybe a major test, maybe some sort of problem for us to be reminded to go back to Allah. But the worst of my punishments, worse than the cancer, Nastajeeru Billah, would be for this heart to be hardened, not feel anything. "Lahum quloob laa yafqahoona bihaa" (7:179). They have hearts, the hearts are working. They're working just fine but they feel nothing with this heart.

And Imam Husayn, when they asked him of the whole examination of how he thought of the day of Ashura, and the people who stood in front of him, what did he say? He said 'Their stomachs are full of the haraam, and their hearts have died.' That's it. The stomach is full of the haraam, and the heart has died, it has shut off.

The month of Ramadhan is the month where you purify your heart. With each sin that we have accumulated in the year, we stain our hearts. The more we stain our hearts, the less we can occupy Allah. Listen to me, the less we can occupy Allah. Where does Allah belong? Allah belongs in our hearts.

'La tasa'auni ardhi wa la samaa'ee.' My skies, my universe, they will not occupy me. 'Wa laakin ya sa'auni qalb 'abdi al-mu'min,' but the hearts of the believer occupies me. Allah says.

Allah says He is content with this small space, He is happy with it, this big. This whole universe cannot occupy Allah, but this space can occupy Him. He is content, He is happy to be in the heart.