Can Anyone do Tafsir/Interpretation of the Holy Quran?

Anytime we want to do tafsir on Qur'an brothers and sisters, this right of tafsir of Qur'an is strictly reserved for the ulamah, for the scholars. It is none of my business to go and open the Qur'an and do tafsir of the Qur'an if I am not a learned scholar, if I have not studied in a seminary in Islamic College, in Islamic University, in Islamic Hawza for 10, 20, 30 years, I am not entitled to give my view of the Qur'an.

You might ask, why cannot I give my view of the Qur'an? It is obvious common sense. In every field, in every knowledge and in every study, there are experts and it is only those experts that are entitled to give their view in that field. For example, if, let us say there is a debate between doctors in a matter of medicine. If they debate that if a person has diabetes, should we give them this medicine or this medicine and you find that there is controversy.

Do I, a normal person, let us say I work at Walmart, I work at McDonalds, I am an engineer, I am a businessman, I am an architect, do I have the right to come and barge and interfere and tell them I think this medicine is better than the other medicine and give them my proofs? Do I or no?

Obviously they can say, wait a minute, who are you? Are you a licensed doctor or not? If you are, let us hear it. If you are not, I do not even want to hear it. They do not even care if you have 5000 proofs that this medicine is better than this.

If you are not a licensed doctor, they do not even want to hear it. Why? Why? Because this is not your area of expertise. I have studied ten years in the University to become a doctor, you want to come and just give your opinion?

Who are you? This is arrogance, right? So that is why if I, me, if I was to prescribe to anyone of you a medicine, what will happen? If the authorities find out I could be arrested, I could be fined. This is malpractice because you are not entitled to prescribe people medicine because you are not a doctor.

Likewise, let us say in engineering or in architecture, can I go and give my opinion on engineering and how to build a house? I come across the house, I see there are construction workers and they are building and there is an architect and engineer. Can I go and tell them, wait a minute, I think that this piece of steel is too thick or I think it should be bigger or smaller? Or I tell them that you should use this type of wood or these types of nails.

Can I say that? They will tell me, wait a minute, are you an architect? No. So why are you interfering in my business? What is your profession?

You are an artist. Stay in your art. You are a businessman. Stay in business. You are a doctor.

Stay in medicine. So do not interfere in my business because you are not specialized in my area. So this is common sense in every field only the experts of that field are able to give their opinion in that field. Why is it that when it comes to Islam when it comes to religion, when it comes to faith, when it comes to the Qur'an, everyone is an expert all of a sudden!

Why? How come in your field I cannot interfere because I am not an expert, but in my field you are allowed to interfere? You have never studied in the Hawza. You have never studied the hadith of Ahl al-Bayt. You have never studied all the prerequisites of the Qur'an but yet you are a mujtahid now, you have the right to give your view of the Qur'an. So this is a very delicate point that we have to pay close attention to.

Only the ulamah, the learned ulamah have the right to give their view of Qur'an.