Concentration During Salah

Those of us who are distracted in prayers is because prayer is a distraction.

Prayer is a distraction to us, because what we did before prayer was worldly and we did not care about Allah (swt).

If our transaction has Allah (swt) in it then the prayer will become a natural movement. But if my transaction is without Allah (swt), prayer is a distractor.

Because now the adhaan just was recited, now I have to go and pray. I am busy with my worldly pursuits, you are distracting me, but it is okay because God, you told me if I do not pray, You will punish me. So, Okay, I will give a few minutes for You. OK, God? Since I know I need to balance out the equation so that at least on Judgment Day I have got something in my portfolio to tell you:'God, look! I did pray, I mean reluctantly, but at least I did'.

Now this is of course, one extreme.

The other is: no, no, no, no. We love Allah (swt), we love to pray, we are not distracted, but I still cannot get that connection with God.

How do I get that connection with God? Connection with Allah (swt) is not always possible. Bear in mind, there will be days you and I will have such a beautiful taste that that day is the most profound moving day. Then Allah (swt) takes it from us. There is a reason why Allah (swt) takes it.

You ask the question, why does Allah (swt) not keep giving me that sweet taste?

Because Allah (swt) keeps it because He loves his servants to struggle. He wants us to struggle, because struggling with that sweat is called sweat equity, Allah (swt) loves it. Allah(swt) is saying, Okay I am going to deny you, let us see how long you last.

It is like a father who loves the child. The child says,'Oh Baba, I love you because you have got the chocolate'. You know, the minute you give it, the child will have indulgence in the chocolate and then they will forget their father. So what do you do? You hold the chocolate a little bit behind and the child keeps hugging you more to want more of your attention.

On a higher scale, Allah Subhana wa ta'ala does this on many, many levels.